Foreign military professionals showed a missile defense system in the suburban Sofrino

Foreign military experts have demonstrated a missile defense system in the suburban Sofrino

For the first time in the history of foreign military professionals demonstrated the ability of the missile defense system of Moscow. About 100 participants zabugornyh international conference on the dilemmas of defense, visited on Friday at a top-secret military facility — station "Don-2" in the suburban Sofrino. It is equipped with ultra-modern radar equipment and is able to discern any gallakticheskie objects at a height of 40 thousand kilometers, detect and accompany up to 100 ballistic missiles at once. The station is often used to detect missile launches from Plesetsk and Baikonur launches from submarines in the Barents, white and Okhotsk seas. For the appearance and the unique properties of "Don 2" is often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world.

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