Foreign modification based on the MT-LB

MT-LB series sold around the world in more than 9,000 copies. Until now, this versatile carrier (truck), light, armored, is used in almost all countries of the world, including in the form of different modifications made on the basis of the machine. Tractor produced in Kharkov, was a real life-long resident, exchanging mark in 40 years. Batch creation of the MT-LB at the Kharkov plant began in 1966. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the entire manufacturing base MT-LB left on the ground independent Ukraine.

Middle neighbor

After some time, the Kharkiv KB them. Morozov was important to develop on the basis of multi-purpose tractor new machines. One of them was the BMP-MT LBR6. Adopted this BMP got a single revolving turret with 30 mm automatic cannon ZTM-1 (Russian analogue 2A72) and coaxial 7.62-mm machine CT-7, 62 (Russian analogue FCT). Meals automatic gun is made of 2-boxes with ribbons that are placed on the right and left of it, and in front of the projection broneschitkami reserved. As sighting devices used ROM-7 and TKN-4S. Also on the tower machine was installed six smoke grenade system 902B of the "Cloud". During operations armor protection machinery has been strengthened by the use of a diversity of booking. Chassis BMP was covered protivokumulyativnymi screens, as the car has received an automatic fire suppression and filtering unit. In order to maintain the mobility of the machine and fill the increasing weight on the BMP was installed a new diesel engine with a capacity of 310 hp

Foreign modification based on the MT-LB

Other options for upgrading the MT-LB, developed in Ukraine, anticipate installing remotely controlled turret with a machine gun NSVT-12 7 "The Rock" 12.7 mm. Turret with NSVT placed turrets instead of regular TCB-01, which was set in 7.62-mm machine gun. Ammunition guns is 1,050 rounds of ammunition.

Distant Neighbors

Under license from the MT-LB carried out in Bulgaria and Poland. As the accumulation of the necessary experience engineers of these states have entered into the design of the machine configuration, and later began to create its own database machine. After the unification of Germany, all military equipment of the State People's Army (NPA), the German Democratic Republic was transferred to the Bundeswehr. Part of this technique Germans here have implemented "on the cheap" neighbors. Not passed such a fate and the MT-LB. Approximately 450 units acquired Sweden. Scandinavians with an eye on the USSR and the Russian experience was reconstructed under the tractor-propelled anti-tank systems, installing of PU and control system of the complex RBS-56 "Storm". This modification is a Swedish name Pbv 401. It should be noted that the Swedes would not have been in vain raskidyvatsya means, moreover, in the northern latitudes of the MT-LB in particular the need for running their own abilities.


A huge number of the MT-LB (over 1000) in the current time is in service with the Bulgarian army, most of them assembled at BETA. In the main they actually own weight machines are similar unusual, but still most of them were released after various revisions that only broadened the palette of the family. In Bulgaria, on the basis of the MT-LB were developed self-propelled mortars of a caliber 80 mm and 120 mm (KShM R-81 and KShM-R-80), ambulance MT-LB SE, chemical reconnaissance vehicle MR HR and automatic complex chemical reconnaissance Maritza. Tractor MT-LB-VB, produced in Bulgaria, was different from the unique Russian model installation 12.7 mm machine gun on the right side.

Foreign modification based on the MT-LB

Also on the Bulgarian plant TEREM under license issue was SAU 2C1 "Carnation", once this local engineers have created 2 BMP — BMP-23 and BMP-30. The first was welded turret with twin 23-mm automatic gun 2A14 (same as in the Zu-23-2) and coupled with the gun gun FCT. At BMP also had anti-tank launchers for 9M14M "Baby". On the model of the BMP-30 was put tower, quite similar tower BMP-2. Both machines are designed for 3 crew members and 7 guests landing. In order to make up for the growth of the mass of cars, they were more massive engines JAMZ-238N (302 hp).


Not behind the Bulgarians, and almost all of them and went around the Poles, who created based on the MT-LB even greater variety of family cars. Engineers Polish company HSW (Huta Stalowa Wola) made on the basis of the MT-LB car engineer reconnaissance Hors, car remote mining Kroton, car technical assistance Mors, ambulance Lotos, demining machine Durian, command-and-staff car (CSV) Lowcza with auto-control system troops and ZSU Sopel. Most of the Polish version MT-LB, apart from everything else, were equipped with water jets with hydraulic drives.

Machine engineering reconnaissance Hors created to conduct an engineering survey of bridges, waterworks, roads and roadside objects minnovzryvnyh barriers, exploration of chemical and water areas. To perform these tasks, the car has received special sets of chemical engineering and exploration. From unusual MT-LB car differs little elevation on the stern of the hull, turret bolshennymi with bulletproof glass and a 12.7-mm machine gun NSVT-12, 7, located above the vehicle commander, water jets, as the presence of a special antenna on the body.

For sporting activities in the mining areas in the mobile detachments Polish engineer was designed remote mining machine Kroton. The package for this car was redone hundred percent. Base MT-LB was lengthened by 1 meter, the chassis on each side were added to 1 suspension assembly with the support roller. The separation of the control until the stern is a special area, which could lower the Unit 4 cassettes with mines (20 pieces each). With all of this car lost vodootrazhayuschego guard and water cannons that does not allow her to swim across water obstacles.

Foreign modification based on the MT-LB
Engineering vehicle Durian

Mors wrecker used for the realization of technical intelligence on the battlefield evacuation warped equipment and crews to assist (technical and honey), and implementation of light engineering works. As part of the special equipment at Mors a winch with the greatest force of up to 6 ton, sets of special tools and spare parts, and crane boom with a lifting capacity of 1.5 tons. For self-drive is spinning turret with a 12.7-mm machine gun.

Ambulance Lotos is used to evacuate the wounded from the battlefield, and provide them with primary medical care. The troop compartment made it a bit above the main body of the machine and allows you to carry it to 4 the wounded lying down and sitting up to 8 slightly wounded. Armament this machine none. Machine also has water-j
et, and the movement in the water at the expense of winding track as a unique model for the MT-LB.

Engineering vehicle Durian in most cases applies to two-axle trailer P2P-WLWD, which is used for transporting elongated explosive charges, which are used for breaching minefields. Engineer vehicle used for reconnaissance enemy minefields, performance minnovzryvnyh and other engineering-sapper work organization passages in minefields. Outside, it is almost identical in all the machine engineer reconnaissance Hors.

Foreign modification based on the MT-LB
ZSU Sopel

CSV Lowcza, which has automatic set of command and control, designed to increase the efficiency of management units on the battlefield. Outside, it is very similar to the ambulance Lotos, but unlike it has water jets with hydraulic drives and three additional antenna.

ZSU Sopel is the most complex in the middle of all the Polish designs based on the MT-LB. The base of the machine has been extended, as in the case of a machine remote mining Kroton, at 1 meter, and the chassis has received an additional suspension assembly with the seventh road wheels. The machine is placed single tower complex curb anti-aircraft weapons, and passive detection of air targets. ZSU Sopel were armed with paired 23-mm automatic cannon, and PU with 2 MANPADS "Strela-3". Drives turret on goal made electro, a tool that allows you to frame a 360 ° of the horizon and at -8 ° +80 ° vertically. Range of fire at air targets from the artillery unit is 2500 meters, on ground — up to 2000 meters. The fire control system, applied to the ZSU Sopel, can destroy air targets moving at a speed of 450 m / s at an altitude of 100 to 1,500 meters. With the help of rockets it can hit targets, soaring at speeds from 150 to 260 m / s at altitudes from 50 to 2300 meters and at a distance of up to 4200 meters.

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