Forest Princess. The film — a tale


Directed by Alexander Basov, T. Esadze

Cast: Maria Kulikova, Nikolai Machulsky, Yuri Nazarov, Vladimir Simonov, Sergey Pinchuk, Anton Kukushkin, Sergei Barkovsky, Vladimir Pankov, Michael Politseymako, Victor Sergachev Galina Moracheva Constantine Chepurin Alexander Samoilov, Diana Shpak, Rush Wiberg, Ekaterina Lapina, Dalvin Shcherbakov Artem Smola, Vitaly Grebennikov Anastasia Savosina

The film is based on Russian folklore. About love Prince Ivan to the forest witch princess Mary. About the machinations of his older brothers. About the adventures and exploits of Ivan in the fight against evil forces. The nobility and courage of a true fairy-tale hero.

It's official.

But in reality …

Generally, in fairy tales, strange as much accurate information. The film also shows a more detailed picture of the world (according to the ancient Russian folk traditions).

Picture of the world is this: Reality (existing, real world), Nav (peace of mind, the world of gods and shower), and rules (laws and principles of the world, the information, the mental component). And according to the ternary principle of organization of the universe, in addition to gross human body, there is also the Navier body (soul) and Kolob body (body intelligence).

And this movie.
The old fashioned way, of course, fabulous and made terrible superhuman heroes, fight after all, was no joke.
Baba Yoga (holy hermit in the woods, do yoga — a woman in Sanskrit holy.'s Where stone images and grow — when the roads were placed stone markers in the forest there lived a woman is, or has lived) — became Baba Yagami, correctly. Veda mother — witches, and so on. On ancient legends, Baba Yaga is a mediator between reality and Navyu. And she lives in a hut on chicken legs, which does not even a hut, and the gates to the Navier kingdom.
Yes. Go there, do not know where. And bring it, I do not know what. Hence the unexpected turns. A Kuryi legs — not chicken feet, and smoky, smoke from the sacrifices. A fire at the time of sacrifice — is the link to the thin world. So Baba Yaga terribly fond of planting in the oven. Why Baba Yaga, bony leg? Two legs of an old lady. One here in Reveal — live, and the other — there Navi. Only it's not the dead. A world of souls. Maybe the way it is in reality? Do not remember?
Crossing into another world. The film features the image of boats. Perhaps the most famous way of crossing. So buried in boats, boats allowed on the water and set on fire, etc.
In the Russian legend crossing river of fire currant, (Kalinov Bridge) are often the site of the battle between Good and Evil. In mythology, he is treated as a transition (forget-river), the border between this world (reality) and the world of souls (navyu). Standing at the center of the bridge, you need to make a choice, usually predefined entire previous life of the character.
What can I say good about this movie is that in addition to a fabulous story, it laid these foundations, about worlds, transitions, all done very well.
Forest Princess is not a man, but lives among the people (on his fate, love), knows how to deal with animals, nature and the higher beings.
The Slavs — the belief is this: the love of God, family, the universe, the sun, Earth Mother, love for other living things, unity and harmony with nature, faith, hope.

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