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It will help to begin to develop a substance that will prolong the life of a man

Cathepsins. Photo: from the site

It took twenty years of research scientists from the University of Uppsala (Sweden), in order to identify a molecule that has a direct effect on the duration of human life.

The study, conducted by researchers, yielded interesting results — if a person has more than 70 years and the level of these molecules in his blood higher than normal, then a maximum of 12 years, he will surely die. Most of the deaths were linked to heart disease and cancer pathology. That is, the presence of this molecule is a kind of signal approaching death, reports

It is a question of cathepsin S — the protein that is produced in the human body due to gene CTSS. There are several versions of this phenomenon. For example, cathepsin C takes part in programmed cell death. That is, if he gets into the blood, the process has already started. Another theory states that this protein is associated with heart disease and oncology.

By the way, this substance has been known to scientists before. It does not belong to the blood plasma proteins and is an intracellular enzyme. All groups of proteins localized in lysosomes cathepsins — organelles responsible for cleavage of cell fallen into organic molecules. It is these cathepsins are doing — "bite off" certain proteins from amino acid sequence. Cathepsin S, for example, loves to "break" parts of the protein molecule, which has the amino acid serine, writes

However, sometimes the protein appears in the blood plasma. It has been observed that this occurs in inflammatory processes — the substance is simply excreted from the cells, valiantly died fighting an infection, or another agent that causes inflammation. While a healthy person where it is available, but in very small quantities.

Pay attention to the protein the researchers made the data obtained in experiments on animals. It was observed that the level of cathepsin S in the blood increased significantly in the formation of cancerous tumors and sclerotic plaques in blood vessels. Furthermore, some physiologically reported that, according to their data, in people suffering from diabetes and obesity, the protein in the blood too much.

It is obvious that the substance in the body plays a very important role some. This indicates that a change of its level in blood is at a very different diseases. Scientists so far only managed to find out that in cardiovascular ailments abnormal levels of cathepsin S indicates more on vascular disease and high cholesterol, rather than a problem with the heart itself. And that is why its level rises in cancer and diabetes, it is not clear.

Also, it is still unclear how the normal protein of the lysosomal cathepsin S is associated with all of these diseases, in particular, whether the elevated levels in the blood cause an illness, or is it a consequence. However, the relationship between its level and the remaining term of life of the patient is quite clear, so the researchers believe that it can be used to understand what awaits prognosis of a patient.

It is also interesting the fact that people at a younger age with the same disease level of cathepsin S is increased only slightly. Although the trend is also available, but there is already a clear prognosis can be given. Therefore, we can say that predict lifespan of young people, scientists so far have not learned.

The identification of this protein — an important event for science, because now you can begin to develop a substance that can beat it, and postpone death.

Svetlana Cousin

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