Four people were killed by lightning strikes in the vicinity of Buenos Aires

Four people were killed by lightningAt least four people died and 11 were hospitalized as a result of lightning strikes on Tuesday night in the outskirts of the capital of Argentina Buenos Aires, told local media reported on Wednesday, citing data from the National Civil Defence.

Among the dead — two children (11 and 8 years old), and Bolivian youth football club masseur "Racing" (Racing) 61-year-old Cesar Nardi (Cesar Nardi).

One of the lightning hit the pool, where swimming schoolchildren. Three of them a heart attack, managed to revive the child. For emergency treatment at the hospital were brought ten children.

In central Argentina for about a month worth of heat in excess of 35 degrees (in the southern hemisphere's summer). In recent days, from the south came the cool front, accompanied by strong winds, rain and numerous lightning.

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