Freezing rain and snow storms will lay USA

Powerful cold cyclone, already named by U.S. meteorologists "monster" will bring snow and freezing rain in the third of the United States. As reported on Monday, the National Weather Service in the United States if in the northern areas of central and eastern part of the country will go heavy snow and freezing rain, in the south are expected heavy rains and tornadoes.
Already, the ice began to rain in the state of Missouri. According to weather forecast, it will fall to 3 cm of rain, then — 12 cm of snow and rain, and then come down to the residents of the state are up to 40 cm of snow. In this regard, the state governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency there, which allows him to use, if necessary, about 600 U.S. National Guard. Soon the snow will go to Chicago (Illinois) and in many other parts of the country. As expected, the Chicago fall to 60 cm of snow.
Serious snowfall is expected in the north-eastern United States, where the inhabitants are not yet able to recover from last week's another snow storm. Total powerful cyclone affected 20 U.S. states of Vermont in the north to New Mexico in the south, in the territory inhabited by a total of tens of millions.
Snowfall and rains will be accompanied by strong wind gusts that can reach 40 to 65 miles per hour. Not excluded breaks lines. Furthermore, according to forecasts, in some states, the temperature can drop to minus 36 degrees.
The authorities have asked people to be careful and not without much need to travel by private transport, as well as, if possible, do not take to the streets. According to forecasters, the icing of roads is now observed in Missouri, Wisconsin, South Dakota and Minnesota. On ice-covered roads have been several car accidents, but so far, fortunately, there were no casualties.
In the largest U.S. city of New York and the surrounding area on Tuesday from 6:00 to 19:00 Wednesday declared a storm warning. In the metropolitan area is expected to freezing rain, which will be replaced by snow. The upcoming snowfall for the city will be the seventh in the current winter season, according to ITAR-TASS.

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