Funeral rite churom

Funeral rite churom

This ceremony is held in the case of the wise men of defilement Chura, if it is severely damaged and can not be restored — badly burned, shall be cut or sawed. Also in some other cases, where mind you, for whatever reason became worthless. If the damage can be removed, then remove them, and this ritual is not carried out.

Part of this rite Orthodoxy borrowed against decayed or burned icons. Very rare cases — a lightning strike. Such damages (even strong) is not fixed, but are treated as a special blessing of the gods (especially Perun), making Chur genuine relic.

If, however, during a lightning strike damaged Chura face completely (in fact, not), you should make a Fiery Burial Chura (but not God, whose image he was). Also, if lightning poured Chura or split it in such a way that part with the face broke off and fell to the ground. Rite Farewell to churom is solemn, but not festive, without guests.

This ritual farewell to churom held saddle Obninsk community "Triglav" vlh. Bogumilom and vlh. Veznichem in the vicinity of Obninsk near the river in celebration of Yarily Wet in June 2000 (Rite is abridged).

Before starting with the temple ceremony chur silently commune moved to the shore of a river or a relatively large lake (with strong currents of water), which solemnly laid on specially prepared ground face up. Nearby, preparing the Sacred Fire and implement appropriate arrangements.

Immediately before the ritual magicians perform service in the Fire, which glorify God, with whom churom be goodbye, mention of Veles, which soon will Chura and bad word commemorate nonhumans Chew temple. Bratina Posolon starts with honey, taking you, commoners have the opportunity to express their thoughts about what is happening. After that, he begins the ritual farewell to churom.

Magus host potvornika ax and starts cutting down wood chips, which will remain in the community and to remind the participants of the ceremony chure and all the events associated with it.

Has been cut down so chips (sometimes the size of a piece of wood) can be used in the future for making amulets and other such needs.

Churu brought last required. To participate may each member of the community, each member of the rite. In this sacred honey magician pours through his fingers, folded in a sign of Veles. For it will meet Velez Chura on their meadows. Property required is offered to God, the image of which was a mind you, but in this particular incarnation of it — see his particular image, the image of Prototype.

After the last rites chur transferred directly to the river … It is done in complete silence …

If the bank is steep and go directly to the water is not possible, so it is necessary to calculate the efforts of the ceremony, to bags, with falling, has not touched the shore and not hit the bottom of the river. If the coast is flat, then releasing Chura is smooth and solemn — commune silently enter the water (to the waist or knee), dip Chura (wetting the entire surface) and gently push it not the middle of the river (or where significantly over).

By the way, where is turned face Chura (top or bottom) when it floats in water (in the first few minutes after release) are judged on what is happening, if the face up, it means that the rite accomplished properly, and God, whose mind you were insulted , was pleased with the ceremony participants, and if the face down (to the bottom of the river), it means that we have not all insult God on their porugateley failed and should take additional measures (magical character).

Participants some time to remain near the river, mentally saying goodbye to churom and asking the spirits of the river graciously accept it and forward to the Meadows Veles.

If in the vicinity of the event there is no river or a relatively large lake (with significant flows of water), the final part of the ceremony is held in a different way.

Chur is placed on the short (one or two crown) rectangular pyre (steal) and burned. Fire occurs Burial Chura (but not God, the image of which he was), reminiscent of the burial of soldiers who died in battle.

Fiery Burial Chura usually performed at the temple on the site of the Holy Fire, which is usually near burn during slavleny, but not directly on the spot where stood a chur. If the attackers tried to burn Chura (and they would have to raise around a fire) it is difficult to distinguish between the two hearths — Sacred and divorced around Chur. However, the difference is still necessary to carry out (if possible).

vlh compiled. Velimir, Obninsk community "Triglav"

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