German view of the past Rusov

It is no secret that in Germany after World War II dramatically increased interest in the Slavic country's past. Have been actively carried out excavations, museums created, printed books … In general the history of the modern burger is not hidden. But here it is presented …. uh …. very peculiar way. Illustrations for the book about the Slavs often, to say the maloadekvatny. If any of the Slavs did not know how to look their ancestors, the meet, here they are — ragged, dirty, not the Mongolians, not even at all petikantropy sitting on the ground at his poluobvalivshihsya shacks.

Are indicative and ragged clothes potter shaped eyes the other characters.

Again potter ragamuffin. How else could he be? The house, of course, with holes. A horse — no, not the Mongolian nomads, and, of course, Slavic warrior. After the Slavic warriors known as the look:

Published so curious illustration of quite formal scientific and popular publications archaeologists named. And it's not just a bad picture. The fact is that these are the best fit Slavs in propagandiruyumuyu ofitsilnoy German science concept. To archaeological sites in Germany are good — they are being watched, most of them supplied stands with information about their stories and drawings reconstruction. But that's just a small detail — they all Slavs who lived in these areas before the Germans called the Word Einwanderer, which is about the Russian "immigrants". The word is in the eyes of ordinary people have long assumed a very negative connotation and is associated mainly with contemporary migrants from the countries of the "third world." But the invading German colonists who came to the Slavic lands in the Middle Ages, has always referred to by another name — Siedler — settlers. Same thing in the books. And always the emphasis is on the fact that, well, we lived on this land first the Germans, then came to votoka Slavs and captured German soil (Landesaufnahme). Moreover, if, as it is they could "capture" and it is not clear (because according to their theory turns out that the Germans had gone away for a few centuries before the Slavs came), who is entered here, the common people is beyond doubt — of course, familiar from the films and pictures from textbooks narrow-eyed wild horde. And then came the German "settlers" and "Change" on the land of the Slavs. Whether it is appropriate to talk about a Slavic invasion and capture of the earth, if it turns out that these land-during the "invasion" was not settled. Is it possible to "invade" in the wild forest, or "capture" no copyright of the field? The question is, of course, more political. In "democratic" tolerant Germany refute Slavic past, as it was under the Nazis, now clearly the case, is not possible. But such a compromise — to put the topic in a safe angle (and that is not it up to your favorite European word "genocide" can agree, with all its "charms" — the monetary compensation, to detach a separate small nationalities. Now is not terrible — EU and 20 years, who knows, the card will fall), it is justified. And what a strange story in his favor is not trying to set? That's just a shame for the ancestors …

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