Girl eats light bulbs and a snack brick


The three-year Hayherst Natalie, who lives in the U.S. state of Indiana, suffered a very rare disease that causes her to absorb completely inedible things.

Parents are told that among the favorite child of delicacies — sticks and stones and pieces of bricks she swallows as if it was a chocolate chip cookie. The girl's mother, Colleen, complains that every day for her turns into a struggle with the attempts daughter eat something that can kill her. "Once I put my daughter to bed and went to wash the dishes.

And then she went to the kitchen — her mouth was covered in blood. At this point, I knew immediately what had happened. Natalie ate all the light bulb, but a small wire. I was terrified and could not imagine how much glass inside her and that it will now "- said Colleen. Parents hurriedly brought the girl to a medical center, where she was sent to a hospital for treatment. Fortunately, everything turned out — of glass were removed.

"I was so scared. My husband was at home with my son while I was in the hospital all by herself — says the mother.
— I was so worried that something happens to her, but she managed to cure, and the next night we were at home, "reports After stories with a light bulb Natalie decided not to have too much glass, but now she finds in the garden many other, less dangerous items. Colleen told me that she had so much to gain and rescue service phone helpline that they are on speed dial. Every time a call starts with the words "Natalie tried again to eat …".

"I and my husband David is not just discussing with his daughter as harmful to her health, all those things. But her attraction to him is too strong. Natalie ready for anything in order to get something inedible, even though he knows that it can it kill "- says Colleen. Natalie watched around the clock for the mother, father and her older brother, Andrew, who was only five years old. How to tell the mother, there are happy days, when she makes only one attempt to eat something dangerous. Relatives have learned to recognize the recurrence of the disease.

"I always know when she wants to eat something dangerous — then she tries to hide, to turn his back on me. Ensure it helps me a lot Andrew, although he is only five years old. My biggest concern is that one day she will try to eat it something poisonous and we will not close. My husband is wonderful, but it has never been so vigilant as I am. So I try never to leave Natalie alone. I do not know what to do with it — I had never heard of such disease, until it happened to my daughter, "- said Colleen.

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