Give children the right to make a mistake!

Give children the right to make a mistake!Last call at school — always a holiday. "Victory Day" — as the teachers say. But as you know, this day, and with tears in his eyes. Anxiety for the future of children, lack of mental and physical preparation for the future, and above all in knowledge.

Abbreviations that are "afraid" of modern students (CSE GIA) added import "comrade." PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) — tests and are considered an indicator of quality in the world of education. Russian students in the end are far from a leading place in the league table. And not because they are less gifted by nature.

PISA tests are designed to address the skills to apply theory to practice, and our control and exams — to estimate the amount of knowledge. For example, in 2012, the test was performed in mathematics. Pythagorean theorem formulates every student, but to draw a square of Pythagoras, and to show why the notorious "Pythagorean pants on all sides are equal" — is a problem. Not to mention the use of trigonometry when marking territory for construction.

Lord, let the children experiment, the time to find its own solutions and the right to be wrong! Will be knowledge.

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