Golden Baba kept secret from the village shaman Pomozdino?

Ancient Finno-Ugric deity Sarnen An several centuries remains mysterious and incomprehensible. This idol worshiping peoples living on both sides of the Ural Mountains, and now face Sarnen An shines on the arms of the Republic of Komi.

The search for the Golden Baba were representatives of many generations. It would seem that for four hundred years idea was to completely discredit themselves, but they did not. So far, from time to time there are "absolutely credible information" witnesses, who know exactly where to store gold Baba. It still continue to search. And always these searches were accompanied by mysterious events.

Treasures of the Gulag

It turned out that the secret location of the ancient idol may well have kept before 1930 in the village of Komi Pomozdino. The unexpected relationship of the village with the Golden Baba indicated by the recently published book "Treasures of the Gulag" Albert Martynenko. His book is based on diaries and medical notes Alexander Afanasievich which political repression of the Stalin era have led to the infirmary of the Soviet camps. He passed Solovki, Vorkuta, Norilsk … In these places, patients enter a hospital bed more often in a hopeless state, and dying, and shared with the doctor the most sacred and secret. So Alexander Afanasievich unwittingly discovered the burial place of seventy-five treasures of the former Soviet Union. In particular, he heard about the secret of the Golden and Baba. His notes Alexander Afanasievich willed doctor and filmmaker Albert Martynenko. He wrote this book.

For the first time the Golden Alexander Afanasievich Baba heard the Solovki Special Purpose Camp in 1928 by a prisoner, a professor of St. Petersburg University, archeologist and expert in the North. As he spoke, at one point in the Komi region was the main temple of the northern peoples. The main idol was made of pure gold and was called An Sarnen. This idol was cast and very heavy. When Komi people began to accept Christianity, the most respected shamans Committees gathered in council, and then hid the golden goddess, and that place is not lost, it was decided that the guardians of the secrets will immediately ten shamanic birth. They had to pass secrets from generation to generation. Walked century. Golden goddess occasionally visited the head shaman, and its details were transmitted to people, becoming a source of inspiration. Under Soviet rule, almost all shamans were arrested and executed, their homes destroyed, and the family scattered. Impaired continuity of faith led to the fate of the golden goddess became a legend.

In the 1930s and 40s, while in the camps in the Komi region, Alexander Afanasievich heard many times about Sarnen Anh from local old-timers, but no one could tell exactly where it is hidden. One day, shortly after the war, Alexander Afanasievich appeared in one of the camp hospital Sverdlovsk. Delivered to him dying from severe pneumonia boy who worried only one thought: he is the son of a shaman, has a secret location Sarnen An and made a vow to his father necessarily convey the mystery of his son, and now he's dying, and the site, which houses ancient idol will be lost forever.

To comfort the patient, Alexander Afanasievich promised to pass this secret to someone worthy. The boy said that the freedom he had left only little brothers and sisters. And the secret to try to pass them. He named his mother, and said that his own name is Michael Ignatieff. And that he and all his relatives came from the village Pomozdino.

After that Michael told me about the place where the idol is kept. But the problem was that most of the story was in the Komi language, and the system of coordinates was based on the terms of folk astronomy. Alexander Afanasievich nodded, but really understand or remember anything I could not. Also, it is constantly distracted by other patients. The doctor decided to continue the conversation with Michael Ignatov the next day, but he was transferred to another hospital. Alexander Afanasievich lost track of the boy … Life chances in that almost no choice.

Author of the book, examining physician notes, long puzzled, trying to understand anything in the Komi folk astronomy and measures length. Trail leads to the Polar Urals — that's all he was able to determine.

As we have established, in the village of Pomozdino repressed and was a Michael Ignatieff. However, this name in common. If we take the case described for profit (and why not), then you need to find the relatives of the repressed Pomozdino Michael Ignatov. It is possible that he was somehow still gave them the secret of centuries. But on the other hand, they will not disclose it to the uninitiated, for those looking for Sarnen Anh for fame or money.

On the way Ermak

Famous idol tried to find another Novgorod ushkuyniki that during his trips to the Ugra plundered pagan sanctuary. Viewed Golden Baba and Cossacks Ermak. They first learned about the golden idol of Chuvashia, fled to their camp at the siege of one of the Tatar settlements.

Chuvash caught in Siberia as a Tatar prisoner spoke some in Russian, and his words Ermak learned that besieged them tract Ostiaks pray "God gold die-cast, sitting in a bowl and put it on the table and the terms of fat burning and smoked sulfur, like a ladle in. " However, the Cossacks took attack the town, could not find the precious idol. Second Cossacks heard of him when he was in Belogorie at Obi, where is the most revered shrine Ostyaks. Here then was the main shrine Ugric ermakovtsam but was not able to see it. When they approached the residents hid "boob" as all treasury. Cossacks asked Ostyaks the Golden Baba and found that here in Belogorie, "they molbische bolshii ancient goddess — with her son Naga villagers in the chair." Here in Belogorsk sanctuary, brought and laid at the feet of gold taken from the deceased Baba Ermak armor — a gift of the king, according to legend, was the cause of his death. After the arrival of the holy idol Ermak carefully hidden in the recesses of the unknown. As the final resting place of Baba Gold is traditionally called three remote, inaccessible part of Russia: the lower reaches of the Ob River, the upper reaches of the Irtysh in Kalba Range and impassable gorges Putorana on the Taimyr Peninsula.

In the second half of the XVIII century in the lower Ob basin in search of the golden statues headed expedition Cossacks. About two dozen horsemen interchangeable horses and deer disappeared without a trace. In Soviet times, the mystery of the Golden Baba interested KGB. In particular, in 1933, the authorities received information that it's hidden Khanty living on the right tributary of the Lower Ob — River Kazim. By secret temples of the task force was sent, but hunters killed security officers, after which punitive force to shoot almost all the local men, and the remaining selected gun. Sanctuary destroyed, but the idol has not been found.

In 1961, a statue that resembles descriptions Golden Babu, was found in a village near Labazov Yuilsk. Chairman of the local collective farm ordered to transfer the find in the Khanty-Mansi museum. From the city came a team of seven people. They entered a storage shed, but found there is no golden idol, and wood, trimmed with silver. It is believed that in Labasa yuilskom really keep gold statue of the goddess, but before visiting the museum staff was replaced by wood. A golden statue perepryatat in a safe place on the island in the swamps. There rested Golden Woman. And then, after allegedly built on the Ob River hydropower, water level rose, and the island that disappeared under the water.

Literature and Cinema

Golden Woman many times has inspired writers, artists and filmmakers. So, some interesting information was collected Mansi writer Uvan Shestalov. In the story "The Mystery of Weed-Nay," he writes that in 1936, Daniel Mansi Surguchev proposed receiver of fish Anton Kadulinu open a 'shamanic Ambarchik. " He said that the most important old men were brought strong "golden idol" — Weed-Nai ("Gold character" — so called on-Mansiysk Golden Woman). But the old man was right. In Ambarchik were only gifts Golden Baba. Daniel told Anton about shamans — Priest Golden Baba.

He became interested and started asking namesake Daniel — Gregory Surgucheva. People said that he was one of the main guardians of the Golden Baba. But Gregory said firmly that the deity hidden in godforsaken island in the swamps, and no one is there to find the road. Old men Surguchevy died, and with them, it seemed, had gone unacknowledged secret island, where buried Golden Woman. But at Conde found Surguchev student Alex, who wrote a letter to the editor of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" and said that his father saw an ancient statue just there to indicate road builders, Siberian Chronicle, "Description of the Ostyak people" Gregory Nowicki. The fact that he saw his father Alexis, — a huge statue of a woman, apparently of stone, which in itself is amazing — around a thousand miles there are no sculptures. It is said to be the Golden Baba, or somewhere nearby was hidden a gold statue — is unknown, as long as none of the scientists are not able to visit these places, which are almost inaccessible in summer because of the wild taiga and swamps, in winter it is necessary to go to cross-country skiing …

To find the Golden Baba and the characters in the book wander Basil Dworcowa «Terra Obdoriya." The adventures of young people traveling to Siberia in search of a pagan idol, their involuntary participation in a shamanistic ritual, hunting for giant pike, war with the witch and more. The plot, as in Shestalov, inserted extensive chapters on the archeology, history, ethnography and ecology of Western Siberia, which makes the book not only entertaining, but also informative reading.

Almost simultaneously with the story Yuvana Shestalov in 1986, came a film Victor Kobzeeva "Golden Woman." The plot of the film tells about the search for the ancient idol. The landlord wants to take possession of the statue Kovrin Golden Girls, which, according to tradition, happiness and prosperity. Kovrin sent in search of the statue of Ivan the serf. As a reward, if he will produce a relic landlord promises guy freestyle. Ivan needs freedom, because he wants to marry the beautiful Annie, and the girl's father does not agree to give his daughter to a serf. While idol Ivan not found, but he received his freedom and his beloved Annie, finding the magnetic stone.

In 2003, there was one more film based on the story of the Golden Baba. Director Igor Shavlak told about it in the TV series "Treasures of the dead." The plot of the movie is this. In the thirties, in the remote Siberian taiga, an expedition led by Professor Zvyagintsev was discovered a cave with the golden statuette — a cult idol of the local tribes. Finds out the young scientist Edward Constantinople, who decides by all means to unravel the mystery of the Golden Baba.

"Kosmopoisk" looking

Here is what the "MC" the head of the Russian Public Research Association "Kosmopoisk" Vadim Chernobrov "Golden Woman — is both a mysterious place, and the miraculous statue. Here, according to legend, are intimate knowledge of ancient civilizations. In 1987, activists of the "Kosmopoisk" made their first attempt to test several versions location relics in the Tyumen region. Alas, even then, the elderly, who could tell the ancient legends of the Golden Baba, has been found. In September 1999, the researchers' Kosmopoisk ", being near the Golden Gate in the remote taiga in the far north of the Sverdlovsk region, recalled the famous" namesake "of this place. In some vertical cave passages to me and others managed to get down. However, a detailed survey of Golden Gate dungeon prevented sudden onset of multi-day rainfall and flooding. In the summer of 2003, one of our amateur groups spent a lot of time to search. But there is no information on the results. In the spring of 2008 in Yekaterinburg, it was announced on the future of the start of the expedition to the Polar Urals, during which will search for the Golden Baba. Golden Woman more and more cluttered with rumors and legends, taking their place alongside the legends of Atlantis and Hyperborea, but rather — as a certain part of the global legend of the "golden period" of human history.

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