Gorbachev: A new agenda for Russia

Analysis of the former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev of the current president's message President Dmitry Medvedev was published "Novaya Gazeta" and published today in the International Herald Tribune. We offer you the translation of publications

I did not join in the debate that unfolded at us after the annual message of President Dmitry Medvedev to the Federal Assembly, but, of course, carefully read the comments and articles on the subject, thought about how it was perceived in society, the President's message.

I remember one statement: while in the president's message many important and necessary, it might seem that it is — for a more successful country and a more prosperous time.

Or are we on the eve of the election of 2011, and what will happen this year, will be, in my opinion, even more important than the actual presidential election. Namely this year should be the year to develop a new agenda. And it is vital to us. Old, stabilization agenda has exhausted itself.

That's about it, not about the details and the vicissitudes of today, I would like to say.

Not everyone noticed that in Russian society is maturing changes

In Russian society is maturing changes.

which should lead to major changes in Russian politics. And some — those who are resistant to change, and those who are already enrolled in the number of Russian "incorrigibly authoritarian" countries, supposedly incapable of democracy — even deny it.

In 2000, the first in the list of priorities were protecting the integrity of the country and the restoration of control. People supported the president who put these tasks. You can argue about what means and how well it worked, but in general, these problems have been solved.

However, more and more apparent became unsolved problems. The global crisis has exacerbated the problem, but it was not their primary cause. Not his fault that we lost the momentum of the democratic process that got stuck in the raw model of the economy, did not stop the process of de-industrialization, more divided than they produce, build, develop. NOT crisis spawned corruption that has grown together with the bureaucracy at all levels of society and all decomposed.

We "drove" on oil and gas, forgetting that these resources are not renewable and not eternal. But even with the favorable world market conditions, we were not able to solve the problem of poverty, which is still home to millions of our countrymen.

In short, under the old order of the day did not have the answers to the most pressing problems of modern Russia.

What is it? I am convinced that all depends on the policy. Need democratic competitive environment, sources of initiatives at all levels, an active civil society, the real public control. Only under these conditions, be amenable to the most difficult problems.

However, since about 2005-2006 years., The power of decision, which did not help create the conditions for moving forward and doing the very formulation of the acute problems more difficult, and to say openly — almost impossible.

Rejection of the election of governors,

All depends on the policy.

transition to elections solely on the party list, raising the threshold for parties in the Duma, the lower threshold of cancellation of voter participation in elections — and all this with the reign of "administrative resources", that is, manipulating elections and the media. What was the result?

Overlap feedback channels of government and society, the political elite to withdraw into themselves, generavala and served their own interests. The power in the eyes of its citizens are increasingly becoming the tool division and pressure on people losing their self-respect. And this is a very dangerous process.

This summer, the signs of power isolation from society and its inability to receive signals from the bottom began to take threatening. But at the same time took place and another: society became more demanding, more aware of their interests and makes it more able to report them. Although the tradition of self-organization in our society is not very deep and strong, the movement in this direction has begun. To him began to join social activists, journalists, environmentalists, businessmen, people who suffered from the arbitrariness of bureaucrats and corrupt officials.

Admittedly, it did not go unnoticed power. In this respect, it was a landmark decision by President Medvedev to suspend the construction of a highway through Khimki forest.

Exacerbated the struggle of democratic and anti-democratic tendencies.

For many months, Moscow and federal authorities deliberately ignored the public outcry, and the president's decision was a signal: an approach to people is unacceptable. However, just as soon as thereafter We have seen how the bureaucracy tried to turn into a mere formality public hearings designed to give people and civil institutions a voice in solving this problem.

This example is not an isolated, shows that, in our system, all the more exacerbated the struggle of democratic and anti-democratic tendencies. If the anti-democratic tendencies can not be overcome, will be threatened all the gains of the previous years. Not only the democratic process, but also, by the way, the same stability.

Apparently, this has prompted the president to speak out in his blog on November 23: "It is no secret that from a certain period in our political life began to show symptoms of stagnation, there was a threat to the stability of the conversion factor of stagnation."

For many, this statement of the president was unexpected. Evaluation of the president were not limited to the observation of "certain shortcomings" and testified to the understanding that the primary source of problems of the country — in politics, in the degradation of the ruling party, there is no real opposition, nezabyaspechanastsi the rights of political minorities.

The president listed some steps that, in his opinion, has made the political system more fair and competitive. As I see it, these steps are insufficient and inadequate urgency of the problem, but the fact that its formulation is fundamentally important. He encouraged those who are concerned about the future of Russia. They waited in his annual address to the Federal Assembly on November 30 would vote for president this topic more specifically. The President did not take advantage of this opportunity.

In a message to the President of the directions that should certainly be part of the new Russian agenda. I welcome its social orientation, it antybyurakratychnyya accents. But without a clear political context of the message

One of the first — the problem of education.

become more likely in the registry estimates, objectives and wishes, addressed to all of the most of our "elite" that has already demonstrated its incompetence and lack of initiative. In its current form — is a collection of appointees who can not even participate in the development of a new agenda, not to mention its implementation.

The need now is confirmation that the president said on Nov. 23 remains in force. In fact, this is the first step towards the formation of a new Russian agenda, the first point which must be to restore and accelerate the move to a real and effective democracy. It is very important for people to feel that the blog president — not an accident, not a "reservation", but a serious step reflecting his own priorities for which he is willing to fight. If that happens, there will be a
new atmosphere for discussing all problems of our society.

I am convinced that among these problems is one of the priorities — the problem of education. We have come to a point when the constitutional requirement agulnadastupnastsi byasplatnastsi and education may be about to turn into fiction. People ask, how is it that after the war ravaged the state lacked the funds to free education, and the current Russian state money for that? And for the current composition of the Russian parliament this issue as it does not exist.

On the other priorities I have already said, the society requires the establishment of an effective mechanism to combat corruption, which is increasingly becoming a political issue,

We need a breakthrough to a modern economy.

widens the gap between the people and the government. The current elite to solve the problem does not want to or can not, in the end the same. To make it a real shift occurred solutions, we need the president's initiative, supported by civil society and new, bold political forces.

The new agenda should be a strong economic part. What we have now reduced to overcome the consequences of the crisis, laplennya holes in the budget and individual initiatives whose success is far from assured. A breakthrough is needed in today's economy — the knowledge economy and sustainable growth. Here I see a direct connection with the problem of education.

I believe that the president should be a leader in the formation of a new Russian agenda. The Company will support him in that.

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