Gray squad

Gray squad

Siberian tales

One of the many hunting stories that show wit and cunning wolf, tells us about the wonderful things that happened in one of the regions of Siberia. Helicopter with hunters on board drove by a large desert wolves. The shots were placed on the ground gray fugitives, one by one, but the flock did not stop running until its path has not appeared in the woods. When he reached the forest, the wolves disappeared behind the trees and … disappeared. Vainly hunters overflew grove — not in her or around her could not see any wolf.

So they flew away with nothing.

Then it turned out that the animals that they could not be seen from the helicopter ran into the forest, stood up on his hind legs and arms wrapped around the front tree trunks, clung to him. And the color of skin allowed them to blend perfectly with the environment.
Hard to believe such a story. But the main thing about her is that wolves — really very cunning and intelligent race, and the people writing these stories, readily admit this.


Gray squad

Wolf almost flew over the ground, touching it only pads, because he had such a run quickly and quietly.
Long hours it can run at a speed of about ten miles per hour. In one night, a lone wolf can easily pass to seventy miles.
If necessary, the animal can be dispersed up to sixty miles an hour, though, it forces not long enough. So the easiest way to survive and to survive — not to chase prey alone and hunt in packs.

Lupine community rarely change environment (though sometimes, in the absence of pups, the wolves go far enough in search of food) and they know their territory. Know where the ravine ends stalemate, and forest clearing — obstruction. Which blocks the high rock canyon. Wolves quickly realize that dried up lake in the summer turns into a dirty muddy puddle where any cloven-hoofed bogged down and become easy prey. From an early age the cubs learn that if elk or deer to prosecute the snowpack, the animal becomes almost helpless. Using this knowledge, skill wolves chase their prey in natural traps.

Dangerous period

In the attack on herd animals part wolf is draining dogs and shepherds, and others at this time do its thing. After the victory of mining shares in the hierarchy of the pack, no matter what the wolf cut ram, and what — was fighting dogs.

Wolves have a unique ability for days to track down a herd of artiodactyls, waiting for a convenient moment to attack and remaining undetected. If the need comes — start "myshkovat" like the fox, patiently waiting for the appearance of small rodent on the ground and kill it easy paw.

And if the food really bad — the wolf easily descend to fall or will have berries and other grazing.
Contrary to popular opinion, only in times of famine (usually fall and winter), wolves are really dangerous and are ready to attack people. In the period of satiety wolf if he is of sound mind, will not hunt man and prefers sleep or play with your neighbors.

Kill the red!

Wolf, like most other animals will not kill just like that, ever — for the sake of food. He makes an exception only for the fox. Strangely enough, the wolves always hunt foxes, but killing everything and limited: gray wolf never touches the carcass of a fox. Why is such cruelty — is unknown. Perhaps it is simply a struggle for territory.

Interestingly, the near to the wolf den never trades — even if the mining itself, so to speak, gets into the mouth. Because sometimes you can watch funny scenes: young deer and wolves are playing together on the lawn.

Growing up cubs can frolic in the completely open and visible parts, but a playground necessarily adjacent or thickets, or heap of stones and moves in the maze of rocks, canyons. In an emergency, the cubs and adult wolves, instantly disappear in these shelters, without betraying their presence. So, perhaps, told the bike up not far from the truth.

By the way, there are no permanent wolf den — only for the withdrawal period wolf cubs finds itself enclosed shelter. Rest of the time, even in winter, wolves live in "the wild" — sleeping in the open on the bare ground, comfortably covering face and paws own tail, letting the snow cover itself to the very top.

Animal "telegraph"

Why do wolves howl — it is not known so far. Perhaps neighboring families so notify each other of their presence, to avoid unwanted encounters. Maybe sometimes parents so inform the puppies that are close to a day's rest with the production, and the kids — about where they are. Interestingly, the wolves almost never howl, if the conditions are bad hearing. Even wait out the sound of an airplane, a train or a strong wind. But it creates a harmonious overall howling mood in the pack. Plaintive and even somewhat mysterious, depressing person on sound spread over dozens of miles, spending the night in the woods making people feel strangers here, talking in whispers, seize guns and moves closer to the fire.

It should be noted that the classical curve — this is just a small part of the rich wolf sound palette. Whine, growl, yelping and other amazing sounds (even crying!) Help wolves successfully communicate.

In Canada, this story is well known. Aleut named leaked, known for being understood animal language, intercepted and deciphered their way from the school to the wolf pack a message saying that the herds of reindeer changed their route.

Post checked and confirmed as a wolf infallibility "Telegraph", and transcripts of intercepted communications.

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