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After the First World War, Russia miraculously hold a few years to the point of death. Some called it a "miracle", Grigory Rasputin. The very old man was also convinced. "That's not me — all will go to hell" — liked to say Gregory, and he was not wrong. The fact that his life and especially death turned the fate of the peoples of a vast empire, many historians agree.

About who was the elder Rasputin, disputes have been going on for almost a century. Grigori Rasputin is one of the most enigmatic figures of the early XX century. It simultaneously 'and holy name of God saving people from disease, and the devil, is not content with prostitute and seduce the ladies of high society. In the eyes of some, it "clairvoyant, a miracle worker, saint," while others are convinced that it is "a drunkard, a lecher, a crook." Defenders and the one and the other terms refer to the wealth of evidence, press clippings of the last century, surviving official records confirming the objective conclusion of each party. But if the two roads lead to a dead end, then perhaps there is a third, less conspicuous, but reconciling conflicting facts about the mysterious elder.

To start a look at the advice that Rasputin gave the royal family. There were many, and they concern mainly everyday life of the imperial couple and recommendations for appointment of people to a post. But here's two tips out of the general mass: a persistent suggestion of interest in the events in Tibet and demand, even the requirement, first, not to start a war, and then — to make peace with the Germans.

Let's start with Tibet. It would seem that what the king of this orthodox mountainous, and in general, the poor "roof of the world"? After all, there's nothing there, except the religious center of Lamaism, so many lost in the deep canyons of Buddhist monasteries with their strange, to European eyes, scientist. And yet the old man was able to convince Nicholas II to take specific actions that should lead to the appearance of Russian troops on the "roof of the world." Immediately the question arises why a peasant could be interest in Tibet? Involuntarily appears probable that a person guides the "holy elder."

Here's what he thinks about elder Russian historian Vladimir Semenov, "Despite the natural intelligence and his concealed trick Tobolsk elder Rasputin hardly belonged to the people who are able to understand their own complex policy issues. Yes, this was not particularly necessary. More important was his mystical intuition, which in the Romanov family he was regarded as a visionary holy elder. Nevertheless, this court saint, so to influence the Romanov himself be influenced by other shady characters. Badmaev and Tibetan doctor was not only a great player in this clique Elder, but it certainly provided a direct influence on him. "

So, in the arena of events turning to Russia years there is a "dark" person — Zhamsaran Badmaev. Despite the abundance of historical literature of this period, Badmaev known mostly only as a preacher of Tibetan medicine. In the books and in the sensational film about Rasputin, he shows a fashionable doctor, which lasted a continuous stream of high society of St. Petersburg. But it was only the visible side of the Tibetan doctor. Here, for example, writes of him researcher Andrew Balabuhin prerevolutionary Russia: "It is as if it is some of the center of city life, and the gray eminence of the great puppeteer."

On political life in Russia Zhamsaran in baptism Petr Badmaev graduate east of St. Petersburg University, a doctor who graduated from the Medical-Surgical Academy, an official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Court sovetnikit.d. it.p., started trying to actively influence even in the reign of Alexander III. And he pushed the country only in one direction. It was then wrote an extensive report Badmaev Russian emperor of the need to establish control over Tibet.

Built under Alexander III Siberian Railway contributed to the rapid economic development of the Far Eastern outskirts of the empire, previously isolated from the center. In his report, the doctor suggested to change the orientation of the Russian economy in the east to the south — in Tibet, built for this one more rail to the city Lanzhou Fu, located at 1500 miles from the borders of the Russian Empire, and is, according to Badmaeva key to Tibet. "All of China's trade will fall into our hands, he argues, the emperor. — Europeans are not able to compete with us … With the holding of the line will begin the financial and economic power of Russia."

Perspectives described in the report, the Minister of Finance Vitge interested. The covering letter to the report he wrote to the emperor, that the views presented Badmaeva him "very serious" and "establishing a new point of view in the practical policy issues … Geographically, Tibet, from the point of view of the interests of Russia, is a priority. Value is increased particularly in recent times due to the insistence of the British get into this country and subject it to his political influence. " But to push the interests of Britain and Russia for the possession of mountainous Tibet, this time failed. In contrast to his minister, Alexander III was a pragmatist, and preferred a bird in the hand. Therefore, the report appeared the resolution of the emperor: "Everything is so new, unusual and fantastic, it's hard to believe in the possibility of success."

More fortunate BADMAEVA with Nicholas II. This time he worked on the king by Rasputin. January 1, 1904 wrote a letter to the next Badmaev Russian Emperor. "The root of the Russian policy in the East is not in China, namely in Tibet. Really true Russian people do not realize how dangerous assumption British in Tibet, Japanese question — zero compared with the Tibetan." And it looks like a letter, supported by the Board, "the holy elder," played a role. Less than two days after the letter was written, both on the personal order of the emperor went to Tibet podesaul Ulanov. He received a double task: first, to find out what was going on there, and second, to try to set up the Tibetans against the British.

The outbreak of war in three weeks with Japan put an end to attempts to control Badmaeva Tibetan gorges.

Why so eager Tibetan doctor, or as it is called by many fans in St. Petersburg, a Tibetan teacher in the deep gorges of the "roof of the world"? To understand this, let us try to understand the second, seemingly unrelated to the first board of slutty, not war with Germany. This advice given to father and mother, so called elder royal couple, completely destroyed the centuries-old foreign policy of the Russian state, since its inception, it was exposed afessii its western neighbor, who aspired to the east, resulting in the completely destroyed the Slavic tribes, and look natural allied with Britain and France.

Now let's see whether there was any link between Tibet, which sought Badmaev, Germany and the beginning of XX century.

It was at this time in some Buddhist monasteries, especially in those where the secret doctrine preached by Bon-viewed Europe. The priests of Bon-po had a reputation among the people of magicians, they are widely and effectively used psychophysical methods of training that allowed them to do, from the point of view of Europeans, miracles. One of the objectives of a gradual spread his teachings in Europe. In this they were helped to some German politicians hobby secret doctrine doctrine capable, in their opinion, to change the course of history. ETM knowledge, who came to Germany from Tibet, were opposed to Christianity and Judaism developed in the Middle East. Secret societies, developing occult side of the exercise were located mainly in England and France. Already in 1926 in Berlin and Munich, there were large colonies of Tibetans. A large colony of immigrants from Tibet was in Königsberg. For example, a remarkable phrase from the diary of one of the residents, "Walking in the evening on the island Kneiphof unexpectedly met Buddhist monks in bright white and red robes." But long before that fire-worshipers from the Himalayas have found fertile ground in Germany. Historians are concerned with the issue of their influence on the formation of the secret teachings of German companies, for example, Jean Robin, write about the mysterious "Man in the green gloves", which was the representative of the Tibetan secret order. In his notes, written under a pseudonym, he predicted all future metamorphosis of the Third Reich in the early 30's.

The most famous member of the Tibetan secret order was Karl Haushofer. At the beginning of XX century, it was the military attache of Germany in Japan. There Haushofer was initiated into the most mysterious people of the East — the Order of the Green Dragon — and received special training in Buddhist monasteries in Lhasa. During the First World War, Haushofer quickly made a military career and became one of the youngest generals. His colleagues injurious officer of clairvoyance in the analysis of military operations. Everyone was certain that clairvoyance to help the general plan military operations, the result of his dedication to the East. It was Karl Haushofer not only accustomed to the mystical secrets of Germany, but also opened the door for the Germans subsequently located in deep gorges Himalayan Buddhist monasteries, for hundreds of years are not allowed to themselves Europeans.

Signs influence of secret Tibetan teachings of researcher Jean Robin finds in Russia. The main instrument of the Order of the Green Dragon, he believes there Rasputin regularly received from Sweden with a mysterious telegram signed "Green." Support of this he sees the writing on the icon of St. Seraphim of Sarov, belonging to the murdered Russian Empress Alexandra Feodorovna. For her salary was found an inscription in English: "S.I.M.P. Green Dragon. You were right." Robin gives her the following interpretation. The first four letters stand for "Superior Inconnu Maitre Philippe". Superior Inconnu — is the highest title in some Masonic rites, and Philippe Maitre — French occultist and healer, which Papkh brought from France to the Russian Imperial Court. Robin for the meaning of this inscription means that Maître Philippe warned about the intrigues of the Queen of Green Dragon, and the story of Rasputin has confirmed it.

Growing interest in Tibet respected political figures in Germany and the emergence of vibrant Tibetan teachers in Russia, provided through the holy elder influence of Nicholas II, could not fail to alert the British. And they just had to respond. Podgeerzhdenie this mug received recently.

Newspapers around the world spared scoop former senior Scotland Yard Richard Cullen and renowned historian Andrew Cook. They found documents showing that British intelligence wanted to get rid of a dissolute, "because he has great influence on the king, exhorting him to come out of the war with Germany." Eliminate Rasputin instructed experienced British intelligence officer who became a prototype of James Bond — Rayner, who was known person in St. Petersburg and was friends with Prince Felix Yusupov. Evidence of his involvement in the plot are the memoirs of Prince, in which he admitted that the Englishman "knew of our plans."

It is believed that Rasputin was fatally shot from a distance by two bullets in the back Purishkevich. But Cullen and Cook, who studied photographs of the dead Rasputin, took a different view. On the forehead of Rasputin is well seen from the third hole of the mysterious bullet. This shot was taken at close range, and judging by the accuracy, professional killer.

According to the British, have spent investigations almost a century after the brutal murder of an old man, a third shot made Reiner, who knew of the plot, was on the scene of the murder and, according to the received command, had to make sure that Rasputin was really dead.

British researchers have found a copy of the secret correspondence between the Chief Reiner in St. Petersburg John Skeylom and London. The letter reads in part: "Although the event did not occur exactly as planned, our goal is clearly achieved. Reaction to the destruction of the" dark forces "favorable, although some uncomfortable questions arise. Rayner now committed to completing this transaction and will report soon its end. "

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