March 24 — Day of awakening the bear (Velez)

In Rodnoverie Velez — the son of Rod, brother Horsa.

Protector of cattle and wealth, the embodiment of gold, guardian of merchants, ranchers, hunters and farmers …

His command all the lower spirits.

Velez married Azovushke — the spirit of the Sea of Azov, the daughter of Svarog and Mother Sva.

Magical abode of Veles and Azovushke became the island of Buyan.

Mainly engaged in worldly affairs Velez, because he is worshiped as the lord of forests, animals, god of poetry and affluence. He is the brother of the sun and the Great Guardian of Rights.

According to Vedic teachings, after the death of souls ascend to the gates of the lunar ray Navi. Here souls meets Velez.

Pure souls of the righteous are reflected from the moon and the solar ray is going to the Sun — abode of God.

Some souls are either left with Welles and cleaned or newly incarnated on Earth in human or lower spirits.

Just Velez is the guardian and custodian of the river Currants, Pa River and the Black Stone.

Name of Veles, in the opinion of many researchers, derived from the word "volohaty" — shaggy, which clearly points to a connection with the cattle god, whose patronage he is.

As well, it is possible that the word "Magi" comes from the name of God and from the custom of his priests to wear fur outside vyvorochennye "volohatye 'coats to emulate their deity.

Velez sacrificed oxen and sheep. It embodies the power of gold. Hence it made sense Svyatoslav oath:
"If they would deliver Perun — even turn yellow as gold!"

Perun and Veles not only coexist in the vows, but opposed to each other: the first — the god squad, and the second — the god of the rest of the (civilian) Russ. While the image is at the top of Perun, the prince of Kiev statue stood at the bottom of Veles, Podol, from trade jetties.

According to legend, the Serpent Hair (Velez) somehow combines his appearance woolliness and scales, flies on membranous wings, can breathe fire (though he is scared to death of fire, especially lightning) and loves eggs and milk. Therefore another name Veles — Smock, Tsmol.

There is reason to think that tamed, driven underground Velez was "responsible" for fertility and earthly wealth. He lost part of his monstrous form, has become more like a man. No wonder that the last bunch of ears left in the "hair on his beard."

Velez has a magic item, namely in Veles is magical harp, and when he starts to play them, then forget everything about everything. A wonderful game magic harp Velez studied with the most alive.

Sanctuary Veles suit usually in lowlands and ravines or groves.

Veles day — Komoeditsy, March 24.

On this day, the bear wakes up and goes out of their dens.

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