Heavy rains have caused flooding in Buenos Aires

Heavy rains have caused flooding in the capital of Argentina, paralyzed vehicular traffic and work underground, in some areas no power, RIA Novosti reported.

Torrential rain began Thursday around noon and did not stop for several hours. According to the weather service, only for the first time in the city received more than 112 millimeters of rain. Because of leaks has been completely stopped working three branches of the metro. Ways due to flooding eliminated all local trains, departing from the central train station Retiro.

A number of intersections in the areas of Palermo and Belgrano also flooded. According to witnesses, the water level in some cases reached five feet. Water seeped into homes and small shops, water flows moved the parked cars. As a result avtodvizhenie in the city center and all major highways was almost paralyzed.

According to a Civil Defense of Daniel Russo, heavy rains were caused by "record-setting temperatures," for this time of the year (up 30). Due to heavy rainfall, the City "had to resort to massive power outages," the electricity supply will resume in a few hours, he said. The situation with the banking-up was the second state of emergency the day for the residents of the city — in the morning on the central areas of the capital sunk toxic cloud from a burning pesticide containers in the port of Buenos Aires. Now, according to the authorities, the toxic smoke completely cleared, the health of residents of the city is not threatened.

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