Horse — Beast Dazhdbog

Horse (Caumont, klyusya, tarpan) — one of the most revered animals in Slavs. White and red horses were considered messengers of heat and sunlight, all good. Slavs believed that the solar disk is through the heavens a chariot drawn by three horses. In Proverbs and reflected patience, endurance and immoderate appetite horses. Image skates guarded home of the Slavs from harmful spirits and hostile navy. In a wonderful horses represent all significant phenomena of nature — the wind, the clouds and storm clouds, lightning quick glimpse.

For example, the Morning Star (Lucifer) is over the reins of the shining white knights (dawn cloud), pushing all the malicious creatures flaming arrows (rising sun). Happy horses turn red (red), in the evening — sivymi (dark gray) and Evening Zorya takes them from the heavens. Same night — is black (black) horse. At this time, the solar disk Horse illuminates the underworld. Stars and constellations also compared the horses, and the Milky Way with the milk of heaven filly. Noteworthy is the connection with horses dew — healthy water with strong magical powers. With the sun dew disappears, her drink heavenly horses.

Horses compared with swift-winged birds, the embodiment of all the dynamic, violent, restless, yet wise. The natural power of the horse trudnoukrotima, yielded only a strong and confident rider. Tame a wild horse on a metaphorical language means to tame the nature, get to give part of its infinite possibilities. Many peoples of this test was part of the rite of initiation, which is to take every man.

On horseback — a multi-faceted character. He brings with rapid change, often leading to death and destruction. If the light horse embodies the joy of sunlight, the black horse carries on his back Death itself. From the south came the distant steppe nomadic hordes and the clatter of horses' hooves was carrying bad news. Since then, the black fire-breathing horse — is the image of all ills, a demon servant dark force. Oleg the Wise died from a snake bite, crawled out from the skull of his favorite horse prince.

Riding like driving around houses and other yard spirits. They caress their pets and sprucing up, but if they want to annoy the owner — and then compacted to death. Sacred horses were at every major pagan temple. With horses involves a lot of proverbs and take. The attributes of a horse harness, horseshoes, bells, horse skulls — all considered powerful talismans, protection from harm, the key to success and prosperity.

Horse time — the end of spring. Color — white, red, ash gray, black

    Proverbs and features:

  • The horse stumbled on the threshold — to trouble
  • Horse soldier sniffing — to the death
  • Patient raves about horses — will soon die
  • Neighing of a horse to the good, but when we parted — for a long separation
  • Not in horse feed
  • Kingdom without Rain, like a horse without a bridle
  • Happiness is a horse, a horse bezschaste
  • Horse pig snout and tail not out
  • Do not look a gift horse in the mouth
  • Who's horses went to the water and take

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