Hours Policy: fashion accessory or unnecessary luxury?

What hours are the candidates for the president? Is such an important accessory for the business person as a clock, an element of the image of the Belarusian politician?

Around the world watches — an important and necessary component of the image of a successful person who wants to use this accessory to emphasize their status and position in society, or to show their individuality.

Of the leaders of foreign countries is the most expensive watch, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. He has a model, the price of which comes up to 500,000 euros. But Barack Obama's watch is relatively cheap: Jorg Gray 6500 in China, which is worth about $ 200. Meanwhile, at the beginning of the election campaign, Obama wore a Swiss Tag Heuer cost $ 1,500, but advisers told him that this watch looks too expensive, and for the sake of the success he has to wear something that can afford the average American — Obama listened.

When asked what brand he watches, Gregory Kastusyou could not answer right away:

"The clock? Oh wait, we have to see it in my hand … It's an old gift, back in 2000, gave her my friends. To my mind, in Belarus. On tsyferblyatse NO firm. It says the company, I it gave, Vitebsk fellow builders, my colleagues at work. they stabbed the logo of his company and, possibly, plotted firm, watches made. "

If a politician can not afford an expensive thing, if he is rich, as Alexander G., he can certainly afford a few hours and thousands of dollars.

Reporter"Should there be a policy of some image-expensive things, it is necessary or not?"

"It's hard to tell, but if a politician can not afford an expensive thing, if he is rich, as Alexander G., he can certainly afford a few hours and thousands of dollars. I have that kind of money, so I wear what I can afford to buy — Belarus-made suit, shoes and everything else. "

Presidential candidate Alexei Mikhalevich immediately called the brand and the value of their hours:

"Certina" — in Italian so it is readable. As it is in other languages, I do not know. Swiss watch. "

Reporter: "How much is it?"

"Bucks 400-500."

Reporter: "Should there be a politician some branding stuff?"

"This is he who decides. When he works with workers, reflects the interests of the workers, I think it is not advisable to wear such a watch."

Reporter: "You know, that the head of state to 17 hours of thousands of dollars."

"Well, if a person is working with other state leaders, I am at this calmly. When a utility clock, shall we say, then that's fine."

By the way, Alexander Lukashenko seen already two Swiss Watches Patek Philippe, which cost about 17 thousand dollars.

Presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu, as Gregory Kastusyou, the firm did not immediately call hours:

"Oh, it is necessary to look. Oh, really, I do not know … My wife gave. Shines so as not to see." Lon … Lon … Here they say that good … "

The correspondent of "Longines", perhaps, I'll help you. Swiss.

"Yes, yes."

Reporter: "Your opinion about image building things. Do they have to be a politician? "

"Well, this way I only watch that Olga gave. But to say that he fashion …. I just now noticed, what is really firm. Well, good, not very steep, as she told me but I did not look to the poor man.'s image with the artist can be — it can spin yourself something on his head, a scarf around his neck. A poet — I always used to go to these free "outfit." And the image of politics — it's all the same its position. whether this image of a politician who always keeps his word. Or is it the image of a politician who said it and forget it. Or is it the image of a politician who has been the policy is actually to achieve some common interests, or for its own sake. Image policy yet — in his politics, his actions, the decisions taken and not that he wears on his hand, watching the time. "

Yaroslav Romanchuk admitted that he loves solid hours:

"This French company" TAG Heuer ".

Reporter: "How much does it cost?"

"1000 dollars worth."

Reporter: "What do you think have serious politicians must be some branding stuff?"

Each policy is primarily to be a head. This is a major branding thing.

"I think every politician should first of all be a headache. This is basic. This is a major branding thing. But everything else — it's such surroundings, scenery to this basic element."

In Vital Rymasheuski Also watch:

"Firm Swiss Military Hanowa, or as … Swiss watch. Do not recall, in my opinion, he is worth $ 100. Or 100 euros. Entered in Bern, the Swiss capital, choose it myself."

In our country the main image-building stuff for a presidential candidate — is the courage and honesty.

Reporter: "Do you think there should be a serious politician, candidate for president, the president has some branding stuff?"

"In our country the main image-building stuff for a presidential candidate — is the courage and honesty. I want to give each candidate the Belarusian they were in our situation. All the rest — this is the" show-off "unnecessary in our environment."

Andrei Sannikov the whole day was either on the road or met with voters. To reach him failed. His wife Irina Khalip said:

"I can only say that it is a Swiss watch" Longines ". How much, I can not say, because he bought the hours when still working in Geneva."

Statkevich to brand and image of things is easy. As for the watch brand, he says:

"I do not know for sure. Gave some, it is quartz, a normal, maybe a little more than $ 5. After all, before I wore for $ 5 at the Warsaw station bought. This one looks more closely, but about the same. Just a little more expensive. as it's called, I do not know, but the firm is unknown. Just to go … "

Reporter: "How do you feel about such image-like things: watches, zapanak, appearance, brand-name things?"

Two years pobudesh in places not so remote, other values are paramount.

"In general, I calmly refer to image building things, very quietly. Know, when two years pobudesh in places not so remote — and so my attitude was very quiet, and if you go there, psychology is changing other values become paramount. At this point I do not "zamarochvayusya".

Presidential candidate Victor Tereshchenko admitted:

"I watch the Japanese, bought in 1990 in the U.S. when I was a student of the MBA program at the University of Delaware."

Reporter: "And what the company was worth and how much?"

"It cost $ 49 if it is below average. But I wear it, and today, it is very comfortable and the design is very beautiful."

"The current chapter is of two hours is not cheap …"

"Well, I wear the usual things that everyone wears, even a student. Said that I have the coolest cars. So how cool is that? For two years the car was worth 17,000 dollars." Dodge Caravan ", a mini-van, well, what he's cool? Normal car."

Presidential candidate Dzmitry Us the question of the
first watch brand at all outraged. But the answer to the question:

"Citizen" or something? "Citizen". The assembly did not know whose.

Reporter: "What do you think, should there be some kind of branding things in politics?

"Oh-oh-oh. Other questions to ask you can not?"

The last thing voters thought when watched the debate, which is a watch from our candidates.

Specialist in the field of advertising Julia Lyashkevich the question whether the clock status indicator, an important accessory for a certain image of the Belarusian presidential candidate, said this:

"No, I do not think so. This is my personal opinion. Last thing that I think voters watched the debate when, what time it is in our candidates. No, we probably have a culture in perception. And there is nothing wrong with that, I believe not. matter what the candidate clock, its perception in the eyes of the people will not change. "

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