How many antibiotics in meat?

Until now we have only guessed the number of antibiotics used to support the pigs, cattle and poultry healthy. Institute of Animal Health said that in America in 2005 for feed was used 11.1 million pounds of antibiotics. But the Commission for the control of drugs and nutrients (the FDA; approx. Mixednews) before it is not monitored.

First FDA issued its assessment. Only in 2009, "13.1 million pounds of antimicrobials were sold or distributed for use in animal feeding, going to the meat."

"That's a lot," says Marin McKenna in his blog. (She is a journalist specializing in infectious diseases, and columnist Superbug in Food Safety News.)

We believe that antibiotics is something good that helps to get rid of diseases. But their excessive use can lead to a decrease in the resistance, and that excessive consumption of what we see in meat production. It requires strong antibiotics, which accrue not only to the animals. Antibiotics are transferred land, and the people who work on it, not to mention the unknown consequences for those who consume meat.

Nutritionist Marion Nestle points out in The Atlantic, that because this is the first report, "it is impossible to say, consumption decreases or increases. But now the FDA requires the manufacturers of meat, so they reported the use of antibiotics, and now we will have the basis for the conclusions in terms of the consumption of antibiotics. "

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