How to get rid of the feeling of hunger and develop a diet? a normal diet moderate person does not feel gravity, lighter reacts to external events. When the gastrointestinal tract chronically overloaded, there laziness of mind, mental instability. However, the habit of overeating, you can change and move to a moderate diet. To do this, you need to follow some simple rules:

You can not start eating hungry. The feeling of hunger — one of the most powerful arsenal in the emotional person, and when you sit down for a meal, you can skip the sufficiency threshold. Therefore, however hungry you are, first eat a small piece of bread and salt. As they say, "take the edge off one's appetite," and reduced appetite. Portion required to satisfy hunger, reduce double.
In the interval between the first piece and the main meal pat eyeballs through closed eyelids. For them there are areas that regulate appetite. Massage should be gentle, slow, circular motion (clockwise).
To satisfy hunger with less food during the meal need to focus on the sensations of tongue and palate, chew long and carefully. Usually people talk while eating, reading, listening to the radio, watching television, and external information flows mute weak signals satiety receptors. For satiety take the burden and bursting stomach. And this is a signal of overeating. Surplus food or go into the slag, or fat depot and leave the work of the gastrointestinal tract with overdrive. Concentrating on the sensations of tongue and palate eats portion is reduced by half, and this amount is enough to satisfy his hunger.

Give up the habit of drinking tea to finish a meal. For clarity, compare your experience: when tight lunch, but just did not use the liquid, there is no weight in the stomach, my head is clear. When drank tea, dinner, a heavy load against the walls of the stomach, and it is difficult to digest eaten. Increases blood flow to the stomach, there is a heaviness in the head, there are drowsiness, lethargy. Thirst, arising after the meal, will soon pass. It is necessary to wait a few minutes.
Psychophysical technique to speed up the digestion

Take an empty glass, put it on his left hand.

The right to put on top of the glass, fingers pointing inwards dishes.
Imagine that with the fingers of the right hand in a glass of thick light flows (Figure 40
Container filled with imaginary light. But the empty glass (or cup) quite noticeably heavier.
Hold the glass to his lips, and making real swallowing, drink this light.
Simultaneously stroking hand the stomach.
Regular "drinking" after eating "world cup" activates digestion, improves digestibility of food.

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