Huge monitor lizard was found in the heart of California campus

In the U.S. emergency number 911, as well as in various animal protection organizations often receive calls with messages about the "huge" reptile found people in my house, in the yard, and so on. Most often rescuers arrived on the call, instead of seeing a "huge reptiles' small snake or lizard. However, there are exceptions — the other day in a townhouse in Riverside California was discovered monitor lizard and a half meters long. Jenny Selter, a member of the local animal control, said she had never seen anything like it.

Jenny arrived at the call after call from residents of the townhouse that had been frightened to death and shouted that crawls around their home Godzilla. Seeing the "Godzilla", Jenny realized that tenants not too exaggerated and …

"I was so scared when they saw the lizard, she was ready to climb back into the car and leave immediately — says Jenny. — But then I still made herself brought to the aid of the police and began to catch the lizard, to reassure residents of the building. "

Jenny managed to throw a noose around his neck Lizardmen who usually catch aggressive dogs, and then she began to drag him to the car. First lizard behaved quietly, but then began to hiss menacingly.

Fortunately, at this time to help Jenny police arrived — the officer helped the woman to monitor lizard in the back of her car, which usually carry large dogs, and a lizard, much to the relief of inhabitants townhouse finally taken away.

Monitor is now in a shelter for homeless animals, according to shelter workers, behaves pretty well.

"One year, we lived lizard, and he and I just worn out, — said John Welsh, spokesman for Animal Society, which organized shelter. — But while this is no problem — it is not aggressive, not sizzles on employees, it even out for a walk, during which the lizard curiously looks around and does not try to jump on other animals. We believe that the home monitor, just his owners decided that pet is too grown up, and, without thinking twice, threw him into the street. Although, maybe he just went for a walk, and then could not find his way home. "

Lizards — carnivorous reptiles are found in the African savannah, and in some parts of Asia. California law allowed to keep monitors at home — at local pet stores and can be purchased for just $ 100.

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