Huge UFO scare Norwegians (video)


Residents of the northern part of Norway witnessed a strange phenomenon: in the sky over the city of Tromso appeared a giant spiral-shaped UFO. This facility consisted of an elongated cloud shining with a rotating spiral at one end.

Some of the witnesses tried to take a video camera and take a picture of the phenomenon, the size of which, covered polneba.Pokazanny on television story about an unusual object caused panic among the residents of Norway, because, as it turned out, a strange UFO was visible from the northern to the southern region of the country.

To find the possible causes of the phenomenon, the media turned to the experts. "Spiral form with unknown object can point to a rocket, which rotated because something went wrong during its launch," — said Paal Brekke — Senior Advisor to the Norwegian Space Centre.

But Norwegian landfills reported that no missile launches in recent months, was not performed. There are versions that it could be a meteorite, unusual aurora, comet, a portal to another dimension, a mini black hole, as well as the activity of extraterrestrial civilizations.







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