Humanity is preparing for an alien invasion


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Scientists at the Research Center SETI, involved in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, found that close to Earth three giant alien ship. According to preliminary calculations, we will meet with humanoids in just two months.

Recently, reports of strange phenomena around the world appear almost every day. People shoot on video and spread to thousands of Internet videos, which can be seen glowing flying objects and hear the eerie sounds coming out of the ground. Scientists do not hide the fact that the planet are irreversible changes: the rapidly changing magnetic poles, causing cellular malfunction started dying out entire species of animals, trees wither … Scientific explanations of what is happening can not be found. Some people believe that this is the harbingers of the coming apocalypse, someone blames disasters aliens from other planets …

The aliens can eat us or poison

A month ago, the governments of some countries have started to mentally prepare for the invasion of Terran ships hostile alien civilization. The objectives of the visit of the future is unknown, so now in the press there are a variety of scenarios analyzed. Recently, the British tabloid The Guardian published a shocking article entitled "Aliens may destroy humanity." This statement could be considered a newspaper duck, if the authors did not refer to the material very competent sources of information: Report of the National Aeronautics and Space USA (NASA) and the reports of eminent scientists.

"With the condition of mutual goodwill, we can borrow from the humanoid valuable experience or advanced technology — the paper reported. — If the aliens want to harm humanity: to enslave or to use us as food, send down to the planet unknown diseases or create a hostile inhabitants of the Earth's artificial intelligence, it would be the beginning of a terrible war. "

It is noteworthy that the very next day after the scandalous publication about aliens The Guardian published a retraction.

Officials from NASA said that are not related to the report of the newcomers and the risks associated with them. However, there were other details about the impending invasion of humans on this planet …

For example, a popular international network project WikiLeaks, which publishes documents that became available as a result of leaks, confirmed that an alien invasion of Exploration to Earth has already begun, and the arrival of three huge ships will be the official start of the invasion. Martial spaceships were fixed navigation system HAARP, based in Alaska. And before that, dozens of telescopes on Earth have observed them in the orbit of the Sun.

— Around the Earth's space fleet is now made up of more than 300 alien spaceships, — said Russian ufologist Valentin Burnt. — The biggest we can see through telescopes.

Why America stopped flying in space?

"Why do we kill the aliens?" — Ask the scientists. The reasons can be many: the pollution of the environment by people (in particular, the emission of greenhouse gases), adverse flights Earthlings into space or banal lack of food on another planet. As this most food and may be mankind …

Evidence of the alien evil plans can serve as photographs of the lunar surface. They are clearly visible human remains allegedly dumped there humanoids after biological experiments.

Given the current threat eminent ufologist urged people not to send any signals into space and not to come in contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. This will keep confidential information on the biological structure of human and humanoid then be more difficult to make poison to kill people.

Such calls looks at least strange, but no less strange was the complete failure of American spaceflight. This year has been dismissed as useless most of the skilled and NASA launched last space shuttle. The Americans explained the move insufficient funds, giving Russia a palm in space exploration.

End of the world postponed to 2034

— Humanity is really waiting for death — said a businessman Oleg Solomennikov come in contact with the aliens. — However, this will not happen in 2012, as promised, and in 2034-m. I told it to the aliens who created us. Most likely the Earth will be burned, and our place will be … Dolphins.

How are the aliens, scientists can only speculate. For example, the director of the Institute of Applied Astronomy of the RAH Andrei Finkelstein, speaking at an international forum dedicated to the search for extraterrestrial life, said that the aliens probably have one head and two arms and legs. But the color of the skin, they may differ from ours.

Expressed his version and the German sociologists, draw up a list of features that can distinguish a person from a stranger. They have flat stomachs, faces wrinkle-free, cold clammy skin, they smell bad and do not eat meat. Fact possible location of a humanoid observer of people not officially confirmed, but rumors about the walk than a decade. One evidence of this hypothesis is the birth of the people of so-called indigo children whose brains are much higher the average. Suggest that the indigo — is a hybrid of human and alien, in fact, improved look. And if you remember the ancient prophecies, the emergence of a new generation of people will certainly be marked by the death of the old.

A scientist from Argentina Sergio Toscano believes that the aliens arrive to be expected towards the end of 2011. He suggests that the planet Nibiru, which, according to astrologers, to fly around the earth December 21, 2012 — this is a giant alien ship. Her approach to the Earth will cause a lightning disappearance of the magnetic field and the change of the magnetic poles. So will the end of the world, of which we were warned the ancient Maya, but will survive a while humanity — a mystery.

Glowing balls in Ivanovo

Lenin District Attorney Alex Ivanovo Tsarevskii wrote on the Internet on how to watch the strange flying balloons September 17, 2011. Luminous objects swinging from side to side, and then suddenly disappeared.

— Watched it about 21.15 when I came out of the police showed his wife, watched together … hard to explain, but certainly not a plane, flying very strange … — official wrote in a comment on the photo. — A ball of bright red color is rotated, as a spotlight rotates …

Vetlitskaya saw a UFO in Moscow

Recently, singer Natalia Vetlitskaya wrote in his blog that the end of August with my daughter saw a UFO parade in Moscow. About 25 luminous objects in the sky quickly rebuilt, forming geometric shapes, and thus did not publish any noise. In the country house Vetlitskoy that night was a lot of guests, and all of them open-mouthed, watching this strange phenomenon.

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