I saw hell. It was a modern city with advertising


Author: George Zotov

The man, who was in the other world. He rose from the dead 17 times in a row!
Retired from Bosnia, eight years ago shocked the doctors, friends and journalists sensational story of his adventures in that light, disappeared without a trace …

"Lubomir Tsebich talked about what he saw there. Lot and colorful. In the afterlife he saw something that he had previously never imagined. When discharged from the hospital, kept to himself, was silent for a long time. And then somehow got out of the house without things and left on the bus. I do not know exactly where … According to rumors, Lubomir is now in one of the monasteries of Serbia has taken a vow of silence. "

"He was kidnapped by security forces'

Carpenter Milorad Dibich pretty tired to be interviewed on the subject. Since his good friend Lubomir Tsebich, a native of Rogatica (about 60 km from the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo), 19 November 2003 managed 17 times in a row (!) Rise from the dead, there frequent journalists, doctors and psychics. Neighbors have to take the rap — he Tsebich, as already mentioned, a few years ago has disappeared. I was unable to find a trace of him in the whole of Bosnia. "Either our old man and a true monk, or he was abducted by security forces — strictly told me pensioner Draga, who knew Tsebicha. — Maybe he needed for secret experiments. " In any case, the fate of Lubomir unknown. However, it is still the only person in the world that a total of 42 were dead (!) Minutes — before the joint efforts of doctors returned to the pensioner in mortal world.

— 64-year-old Tsebich came to us with a massive heart attack — says Milena Bedzhenisich, doctor of the hospital adjacent to the town of Foca Rogatica. — The patient was unconscious. He died as soon as he entered the operating room. Had to quickly apply the defibrillator — a device that passes through the body of the strongest bits of electricity to restore the heart. However, barely Tsebicha heart began to beat as denied again. Once again, we have included a defibrillator, increased discharge — Lubomir soon began to breathe, but not for long. My God, we were seven pots went off until he was rescued. This is a unique case — 17 people survived clinical death and came back to life!

Clinical death — the transition between life and "flying" in another world. Average duration — 3-4 minutes. At this time the heart stops, breathing stops completely. If a person can not be brought back to life — he will die completely. "Resurrection" fantastic Tsebicha not even the fact that he died seventeen times in a row. Each clinical death destroys the cells of the brain, and, in theory, the pensioner had become a vegetable, but it did not happen. Moreover — the survivors' clinic "describe his impressions sketchy and vague. Lubomir same in detail told friends, a doctor and the newspaper "Glas Srpske", that he was able to see.

"In paradise, electronic gates'

— He clearly saw the gates of heaven and standing next to St. Peter, — says Alexander Babich, former chief physician hospital Phocas. — And not a medieval gate, iron-bound, and something modern: they open the control panel. I expected that Peter would be a clerk in a suit and tie, but no — they, according to Tsebicha, was a gray-bearded old man with a halo. Hell, too, could be seen — he was at the bottom, below the clouds, and looked like a modern city — with advertising and neon lights. Tsebich sure got the proof of life after death. After all, being dead, he heard the voice of great rescuer who shouted to him: "Breathe! Breathe! Breathe! "

It is already known that the visions of survivors of clinical death, for the most part standard. Typically, the tunnel is a bright light spot. Why do they see it? Doctors believe: at this time there is oppression of the cerebral cortex, the retina of the eye gradually cease to function.

A sudden lack of oxygen, according to them, gives the sensation of flying dying. Silhouettes of angels beheld too many people, but the picture is so clear, like Tsebicha, observed for the first time. Scientists, however, and include with skepticism. Professor of Medicine, Goran Milanovic, since 2003 three times and had come from Belgrade to Rogatica, said: meeting with St. Peter — the fruit of hallucinations. "If a person is religious, then, of course, at a time when he had a heart attack, he soon expects to see God. From lack of oxygen vision is always colorful. " However, no one has found an explanation of how Lubomir Tsebich, being dead, I heard all the talk, even on mobile phones, and not only in intensive care, but also in other wards.

American Journal of Psychology Today in 1992, sadly said: "The world does not fund medical research almost near-death experiences — is to rely on private donations." Frankly, very sorry. The case of Lubomir Tsebichem deserved to explore it scientifically. I would like to understand what this man brought back into the world after 42 minutes of death, were his vision of reality and hallucination, or how he was able to hear people talking about? But, unfortunately, it is unlikely we'll find out …

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