If it is a farce, why participate in it?


Grodno region

"We have two hands for ensuring that all starred …"

For that opposition candidates collectively withdrew from the election campaign, local activists expressed in the Grodno region, because they believe that the results of the elections will be rigged.

Human rights activist and election observers from Smorgon Ales Dergachov considers that the candidates too quickly responded sick to his proposal, and that it was necessary to discuss her well as the offer, according to Dergacheva, most worthy at this stage:

Ales Dergachov

"And then what would be obtained for the election, if there was one man? Then people would and it would be better to understand why he was alone. Would be interested, what is the reason. And it would be a logical extension of what they talked about candidates presidents during his performances. "

The leader of the regional organization of the Belarusian Popular Front in Slonim Ivan Sheha refers to his own experience when nominated for the local elections and urged his opponents to withdraw from the race, as the electoral process in a non-democratic country:

Ivan Sheha

"Lukashenko that would be very unpleasant, but it is not important. Opposition did what it wanted — they got a platform for promotion, appearances on television and radio — but given that the Commission did not include men, showed integrity and shot. I would have for it with both hands … ".

The head of the electoral headquarters of Yaroslav Romanchuk Yury Istomin says the opposition stuck to its format of actions — voters acquainted with their ideas, and then begin illegitimate procedures, as election monitoring nobody but government does not have, and therefore it is necessary to withdraw all:

Yury Istomin

"I believe that the elections were over. Means not election campaign and the election, because now is the campaign to promote certain ideas and leaders. A campaign is not because of the opposition candidates have no control over the electoral process, in fact there is no level playing field to meet with voters, campaign, etc. I believe that the voting will take place on the script Yarmoshina, and we can not do anything that would be in the records. "

Dmitry Bondarchuk, chief of staff Volodymyr Neklyaeva the Grodno region, negatively perceived failure of candidates on offer Neklyaeva. Because, according to him, the candidates have repeatedly stated that they have the same goals, thoughts and plans, and now all of a sudden does not converge:

Dmitry Bondarchuk

"After all, what's going on with Belarus, as it is sold for big money and for what just to stay in power, well, that something must be done. And in our situation better with all the candidates to withdraw."

"Right now, the initiative should be one — to call people to the area!"

Sergei Boy directs the regional branch of the BPF in the Grodno region, here's his opinion on the draft Neklyaeva other candidates to boycott the elections:

Sergei Boy

"Any candidate may take any initiative, but I think this is the initiative may be one: so call on people to come to the polling day, urging them to come to the area. This is a real initiative, because a lot has been said about the election, and now all of a sudden for a couple of days before the election to change radically to change their views and attitudes … Voters simply "the roof will go."

All candidates, including Nekljaev, stated that this election should be a second round, said boy and believes that voters turned against it:

"Sorry, but it was half an hour each candidate twice on TV, and every time, including Nekljaev encouraged to come to the polls on election day and to come to the area. And then suddenly such a radical proposal. And to think that the voters?"

Stanislaw Sudnik

Member of the Union of Belarusian Writers Stanislaw Sudnik from Lida knows Vladimir Neklyaeva and said this:

"He is so needed in these presidents go … All of this was, in my opinion, is not a serious game. So he can continue to do what he wants. Nothing will change the fact that he znimetstsa or not. No value for Belarus has not. "

The role of the Belarusian poet Stanislaw Sudnik sees the other:

"To Belarusian-language poet was for propaganda of national ideas as Kastusyou does! On his plyakatse first words — the" mother tongue ", then -" Belarusian State ", the third — the" rule of law. "To Nekljaev was carrying some sort of idea, I would said, did not take off, carry it to the end. But the ideas he was not carrying any. Somewhere Belarusian poem read, somewhere in Russian. Whom it, what social forces he represents, which groups? absolutely nothing unclear. "

"He came to Lida twice — adds Stanislaw Sudnik. — What good is it coming What did better? For an hour he was honored Belarusian poetry to children, it may be a couple of people would have something to remember and understand. And even this is not . "


"Removal Procedure should be open, clear and understandable"

Mogilev region among the regional leaders no clear relationship to the initiative of Vladimir Neklyaeva. Opinions varied: from support to sharply negative perception of both the supply and the politician who voiced her.

Valery Berezienko

Offer support Neklyaeva chairman of the regional organizations of the Left "Fair World" Valery Berezienko. Policy initiative, Mr. Berezienko considers timely and correct:

"The elections will be held under the old scheme, and nothing will change in the country. Wish to God that all candidates withdrew their candidacy — it's such an act worthy to be welcomed. Associated with this action are our future."

Dmitry Solovyov

Neklyaeva supports the initiative and head of the regional branch of the BPF Dmitry Solovyov, but adds:

"Removal Procedure should be open and clear. All candidates, for example, sit in the same room. Choose a neutral person to whom everyone trusts, sign the statement of withdrawal. Gave them to the man, and he will put them to the Central Election Commission."

Victor Boldin

Rational in neklyaevskoy initiative and see Victor Boldin, trustee presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov. Nevertheless, he says it with restraint:

"The whole campaign all nine candidates — a struggle against the soft or hard, but Stalinism, which bloomed in Belarus. Purpose we have one, and any method is very sensible. If there were two candidates,
then it would be easier to negotiate. Nine will be difficult . Though it will depend on the last ten days — as we go through them. "

Vladimir Shantsev

Sharply negative attitude to the initiative of the leader of the "Tell the Truth!" Chairman of the regional branch of the United Civil Party Vladimir Shantsev:

"I support the idea of a boycott was. Every year we play a game that forces us to power. This year, all the opposition, with the participation of Neklyaeva including taking part in this game. Neklyaeva attempt to withdraw — right into the hands of administration. This man is clearly far from politics, but took up the cause. "

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