IL-476 will take off in 18 months

IL-476 will take off a year and half"As part of the latest programs from the arms of the State for the period 2011-2020 the Ministry of Defence is likely to confirm the decision to purchase 50 military transport aircraft Sludge-476 tankers and based on them, "- said vice-president of corporate management and development of the United Aircraft Company Vasily Prutkovsky.

He said that the real point is preparing equipment for the production of the aircraft, which runs until the end of 2010. 30% of the equipment is now ready. By the end of 2011 Sludge-476 should be up in the air. As part of the initial batch build 5 pieces. In 2012 it is planned to certify plane and put the first machine to the customer.

Vasily Prutkovsky also said that the AN-70 is included in the latest edition of the State programs from weapons, with all this military prepared additional tactical and technical requirements of the machine at which the matter will be decided on its procurement.

The President of UAC Alexey Fedorov said that if the decision to acquire An-70 in the interest of the Russian Air Force will perceive the company is ready to join in their construction. According to him, the assembly in this case is likely to be maintained at the plant in Ulyanovsk "Aviastar-SP" which defined as the basic platform for the production of military transport aircraft. Alexei Fyodorov said that it would require quite a tough investment.

By Basil disk imaging Prutkovsky to prepare for the production of An-70 need about 2-years.

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