Ilya Fedorov: Our homeland did not depend on the Motor Sich in the production of engines for aircraft guns

Ilya Fedorov: Russia ceased to depend on "Motor Sich" in the production of engines for missilesOur homeland has depend of Ukrainian enterprises "Motor Sich "in the production of engines for aircraft guns, said now the managing director of research and production association" Saturn "Ilya Fedorov, ITAR-TASS reports.

"We are creating a small-sized engines for tactical missiles, air-and sea-based, etc. The problem tidbit we about it earlier is not enough voices. But now we can say something. Main — Our homeland graduated depend of Ukrainian enterprises "Motor Sich "- said Fedorov.

He said the government order on the subject of missile "was harsh." "We have executed and delivered engines for missiles enterprise" Rainbow "and for" Tactical Missiles. "This is — the typical milestones of the past year", — said the manager.

With regard to defense procurement more broadly, Fedorov said he "made some weeks back." For the "Saturn" is concerned, first, the supply of engines D-30KP2 for transport aircraft Il-76 aerial tankers and Il-78.

"It is fundamentally aware — Fedorov said — that our engines have great in store for reliability." "But you can not endlessly renew their resource. We had to at some point suspend operation of aircraft used in the Russian Air Force, because we can not afford to even hypothetically risked the lives of our commandos. Important to recognize that the Defense Ministry has gone on to establish relations with us, though in the beginning they were very intense, "- Highlight the title of" Saturn ".

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