Ilya Galinsky: From the Eurasian region, Transnistria can begin the revival of the Russian Federation stateliness

Ilya Galinsky: From the Eurasian region, "Transnistria" can begin the revival of the Great RussianInitiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Transnistrian Moldovan Republic on the development of a "Eurasian region Transnistria" and begin negotiations on this matter between Tiraspol and Moscow commented on October 19 for a REGNUM director of the Institute of Strategic Analysis and Forecasting (Tiraspol) Ilya Galinsky.

Political control of Transnistria in the near future boldly advanced and proves the need for new design, fundamental to the viability of the country's thoughts in the context of integration into global Transnistria unifying structure, first, in the Eurasian socio-political and economic place. Specifically, in this nuance, as the realization of the will of the Transnistrian people expressed at the public referendum should be considered an offer FM PMR on the likely development of the Eurasian region, "Transnistria".

Obviously, this is not just some populist slogan used to solve some public relations problems. In our opinion, this is not for the first time in public declared geostrategic choice as the Transnistrian people and its legitimate elected state government: Our homeland, the Eurasian political, socio-economic and humanitarian space.

The only question is, so that, certainly, progressive and constructive idea was not just heard and approved by top political control of the Russian Federation, and has been translated into practical implementation. But, taking into account the special place occupied Transnistria countries in the world system, including the lack of a de jure internationally recognized status and a common border with Russia, this approach may appear completely predictable difficulties and obstacles in the face of its geographic neighbors: Moldova and Ukraine. Hard to imagine that today's pro-European and pro-NATO leaders Moldova, geopolitically oriented on the U.S. and EU and running on a very "reintegration" Transnistria part of Moldova's so quiet "allowed" to be reincarnated in Transnistria Eurasian region, having lost in the case of its own, even if only the visible, but the "legal legitimacy." Very problematic and that these pro-Western government would have allowed "Russian" regions of the Republic of Moldova to accede to the probable "Eurasian region", much less on an equal footing with Transnistria criteria. In this context, already seems to be for anybody not a secret that the Moldovan authorities pronounce the fine phrases about the need for convergence of 2-Nistru river, but in fact do everything to make this approach did not work. An example of this is their position on the issue of opening in Transnistria Russian representative office. Obviously, our homeland would quietly "do not care" on the outlook of Moldova if it is outside the scope of Russian state interests, as is often done in similar situations the United States. But it may be, the political control of the Russian Federation to such decisive action is not yet fully ready and waiting for any "definitive" proof of doing Moldova double play or fictitious declared neutrality. Although, in our opinion, the evidence that more than enough. In particular, as regards the role of the various programs distributed Moldova and NATO projects and control structures of NATO defense sites in Moldova. It should only seriously analyze all this.

Not too hard to imagine the likely reaction of Ukraine on the establishment of the Eurasian region, "Transnistria", subject to the availability of the common border between the countries, and declared its eagerness to join the European Union. Again, and this is not a huge secret for review of political professionals, management of the European Union to Ukraine was put stringent requirement — of mandatory condition for rapprochement between Ukraine and the European Union should become the greatest support Moldova's policy on the "reintegration" of Transnistria, including the support of all restrictive measures directed against the people of Transnistria. In other words, modern Ukraine, conducting its geopolitics in almost everything under the dictation of "euro" and "America" Commissioners will insist on only the Moldovan jurisdiction over the likely future Eurasian region "Transnistria. "Which, of course, is unacceptable not only to the people of Transnistria, and to its political class.

Does this mean that the creation of the Eurasian region, "Transnistria" impossible? Apparently not. And perhaps feasible. The most high-spirited and easy solution to the problem, of course, would be a recognition of Transnistria on the part of the Russian Federation (the example of Abkhazia and South Ossetia). Arguments for this abound in the Russian Federation. Here and illegal access to the time of the Russian Union of the Moldavian SSR, with most coarse violation of the relevant laws of 1990 and, accordingly, the deprivation of the right to self-determination of the people of Transnistria. Also in this series — so far not canceled the decision of the Parliament of Moldova on the legal consequences of insolvency of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Here also the most coarse violation of the Moldovan authorities fundamental rights and freedoms of Russian 170 thousand people living in Transnistria. In the end — it results a referendum in 2006, which showed that all of Transnistria for its independent and wants the government in Russia (September 17, 2006 in the Moldavian Republic of Transdniestria held a referendum, which resulted in more than 97% of voters were in favor of the independence of Transnistria from Moldova with the following entry in the RF — approx. IA REGNUM).

Another, more painless, in our view, through the creation of the Eurasian region, "Transnistria" may be practical legalization of the Madrid Convention in 1980, placing them on the Eurasian space. Specifically — equal participants in the European regions, according to the Convention, may become the subjects that do not have legally approved status (to the question, if our home is not yet ready to be considered officially Transnistria not de facto and de jure state).

In any case, as they say, the political ball is now on the Russian side. Transnistrian side is willing to at least some support for the Russian position. Because all depends on what political Our choice will make home in this area, in this matter. And maybe specifically with this choice and begin a genuine revival of the Russian Federation as majestically Eurasian and global power. Transnistrians very high expectations of the latest emergency meeting with the representative of the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Rogozin on Transnistria. Fully maybe he'll bring in Transnistria any practical suggestions for an explanation and solutions to implement meaningful nuance expressed in the youth forum Seliger Russian President Vladimir Putin's idea that only the Transnistrian people must determine their own future and political status.

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