Ilya Muromets — Holy Russia hero

At the beginning of October, according to legend, was born the famous Ilya Muromets. But this is only a legend in the annals of history his name is not mentioned, it is not clear clear the place of his birth, there are no data on the days of the death. In general, there was a real hero, and was buried in the deepest caves of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, along with another 68 of the saints.

"Some researchers as previously skeptical about the reality of the existence of Ilya Muromets — it seems very fabulous contemporary scholars of his biography — shares information researcher at the State Institute of History of Ukraine Sergey Hvedchenya. — But the materials that are collected by researchers, have allowed not only to return the majestic biography of the hero of Holy Russia, but also to answer some questions about the controversial actual path of Ilya Muromets stavivivshimi has puzzled many historians. "

Ilya Muromets - Holy Russia hero

Sensational confirmation

In the far 1988 made Interdepartmental Commission conducted a scientific study of the surviving relics of St. Elias of Murom. Progress has been amazing. The remains belong to a strong man, who died at the age of 45-55 years, the highest growth enough — 177 cm Taking into account the fact that in the XII century, the average growth of the population was 165 cm, Elijah, of course, was the very highest man for his time. Moreover skeleton Ilya scientists have identified traces of many battles — broken ribs, multiple fractures of the clavicle, the marks of hitting the blade, spears, swords. This confirmed the ancient legend that hero Ilya Muromets was a mighty warrior and was involved in fierce battles.

But most scientists struck quite different: they speak in one voice, that, as indicated in the folk tradition, Elijah is really in a long time, unable to walk without the help of others! At the conclusion of the researchers was that the basic premise of a very serious disease — polio or tuberculosis of the bones. This led to a paralysis of the legs.

Born hero Ilya Muromets in the period between the years 1150 and 1165 in the town of Murom. And he died when he was about 50 years old, as scientists assume, in the capture of Kiev Ratiu Prince Rurik Rostislavich in 1204, when the prince's Pechersk Lavra was destroyed and looted by the Allied Rurik polovtsy. Bane came from a blow to the chest sharp weapon (sword or spear).

Terrible curse and cure raschudesno

The people were vserasprostranena a story. It's like the grandfather of the future of the Russian hero Ilya Muromets was a real pagan and refusing to accept Christianity, at one point, the ax cut the Orthodox icon. Since then, the curse fell on his family and all the boys should be born disabled.

After 10 years, born grandson Ilya, and it seemed a terrible curse fulfilled: the boy could not walk. Numerous samples cure it not crowned success. But Ilya is not wilted, stubbornly trained hands, strengthens the muscles. But, having a strong hand, walk with all this, he could not. Perhaps not once visited him the idea of coming to terms with the fate and remain forever crippled.

But on that day, when Elijah turned legal 33 years old, came unenforceable. In my father's house came prophetic elders — the poor wanderers (beggars perekhozhie) and asked to submit Ilya water. He explained that he could not get up. But the guests did not seem to hear him and forcefully reiterated its request that has already sounded like an order. And unhealthy Ilya, at one point he felt unheard force for the first time rose to his feet …

Raschudesno healing? But it may be to imagine that a weird guests were able to miraculously heal seemingly incurable ailing? On this occasion, there are various guesses. Maybe strangers were witches or sorcerers and knew the secrets of healing old komplotov. For sure it is not clear and to clarify the fact of the healing science is not able to …

And yet Elijah stood on their feet after a long 33 years of real estate. And the scientists who conducted the study of the relics, confirm the fact that the bone of the person absolutely miraculously recovered. Moreover, as indicated in the conclusion, after 30 years of Ilya led vsepolnotsennuyu life that is fully consistent with epics.

The exploits of the Russian hero

Since raschudesno healing hero Ilya Muromets, as is inherent to the heroes who commit a lot of feats. The most recognizable feat heroes — battle with a bandit Brigand, who occupied the direct road to the capital of Russia, Kiev, and did not allow the free passage "or equestrian or pedestrian." Cleansing epic hero direct route to Kiev (about 1168) is confirmed by historical facts. At a time when Ilya came to Kiev, was seated on the throne, Prince Mstislav, who gave the order to guard marching in the capital of trade caravans from mercilessly robbed them Polovtsian. Most likely it is the prince of Kiev ordered the athlete's own Ilya Muromets, held in the prince's retinue.

Nightingale was the robber hunted raids and robberies on the road, and the nickname sticked to him for his ability to whistle loudly. Ilya Muromets in a fight and beat whistler unleashed "way pryamoezzhuyu," which, of course, was of great economic importance. Cleansing pryamoezzhego way from the robbers did not go unnoticed and was likened to the true heroism of the people.

However, if Ilya Muromets indeed a historical figure, why him as a Russian hero no one mention in the annals?

In 1-x, since then remained too little written sources. This is logical if we take into account what the turbulent history of Russia lived. Hordes of various conquerors than once burned and completely destroyed the town. At one point during the fire and burned books from the library Pechersk Lavra.

In-2, in the old German poems, written in the thirteenth century, but based on more tales of early, there is a mention of the majestic bogatyr Ilya Russian. Legend has it that in a very fierce battle warrior Ilya almost fell, but miraculously saved lives and gave a vow to live in a monastery, to dedicate themselves to serving God and continue to never raise the blade. Elijah went up to the walls of the monastery, threw off his suit of armor, but, but failed to throw the blade to the ground. He became a monk of the Kiev Pechersk Lavra and a huge part of their own days spent in a cell in constant prayer.

But at one point, the enemy approached the walls of the monastery. Mortal blow struck directly at the monastery abbot at the sight of Elijah. Then the hero, despite this promise, again raised the blade. But at one point felt that the feet shall be removed to serve him. At this point, the enemy delivered a fatal blow to his chest, but the strength left to defend Ilya and he could not …

Ilya Muromets - Holy Russia hero

Life after the death of the epic hero

Ilya Muromets athlete managed to survive his death, leaving a noticeable mark in the memory of people and have a tremendous impact on all of the following generation.

But from the Russian hero has remained not only the eternal memory. Body Ilya, as the remains of other mo
nks who are buried in the caves of the Caves in Kiev, forever. But, in contrast to the remains of the Egyptian pharaohs, it has not turned into a mummy mummified by processing formulations and for some unknown reason, modern science. The Orthodox believe that if the human body is not decomposed, and uniformly converted to power, it shows for a special gift of God, inherent only to the saints. They say the power of Holy Russia hero Ilya Muromets can cure those who are suffering terrible diseases of the spine, and those who are one hundred percent paralyzed legs. The hero epics and after the death continues to serve the people …

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