Imam comes to the company

Imam comes to the companyThe soldiers, called up from Dagestan, Chechnya, Ingushetia, Karachay-Cherkessia, Kabardino-Balkaria, in most cases, make it difficult for commanders in dealing with military units and control units. Most of the members of this particular category of fighter shall be removed from performing chores, arguing that in Islam there is division between "male" and "female" jobs and devout Muslim Tipo can not do the "dirty female" jobs. The soldiers, called up from the North Caucasus region, usually on a physical level, well developed rapidly organize cohesive ethnic groups possess a strong will when exposed to fighter designed from other regions of Russia.

Hazing with a person of Caucasian nationality

In the Russian army in recent years, the problem of ethnic sounds, at first people from the North Caucasus. According to Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation — the head of the military prosecutor, Colonel-General Sergei Fridinsky Justice, the number of crimes committed by conscripts in 2010 increased by 18%. "Now the men often bleed fellow agents mobiles. Clearly, not without fists. And that is alarming: in the near future violence in the military sometimes gets national coloring, and here also have work to do, "- explained the main military prosecutor.

"In many ways, specifically bullying is a precondition of numerous evasion of military service and even suicide," — said Sergey Fridinskiy. According to him, the Russian army is a tendency for the upcoming growth of such atrocities. Of particular attention is drawn to the facts bullying colleagues on the part of the North Caucasian republics. Main Military Prosecutor's Office, Ministry of Defence and the human rights organizations were obliged to admit that one of the main reasons for the deterioration of the situation has existed long years warning system hazing. In totality with other factors, it ceased to be effective. In addition, a public resonance was the fact of temporary failure on the part of the Ministry of Defence to call the natives of Chechnya.

Criminal statistics gives examples of abuse on the part of the North Caucasus over the soldiers-Slavs. For example, in Samara on the dock there were five fighter of the North Caucasus republics. They were found guilty of izymatelstvah over Russian soldiers in the unit, located in the town of Rtishchevo Saratov region. What happened there? Violators put together a group, co-workers caught in hidden places, beaten, humiliated, otymali funds. And each of their own Russian victims at the back was shaved on one shaped as letters, that left the inscription "Caucasus". In the end, these experiments hairdressing seen in part.

Another example. Private Zeynalabit Gimbatov appeared in honey insulator own part and ordered the men to stand up unhealthy. Those first refused, then the Dagestani used force. The soldiers reluctantly complied. Gimbatov then took out his cell phone and turned on one of the tunes — the combat Lezghinka. In other words, to write the melody Caucasian dance alternated with automatic gunfire, howling wolves and a roar of cannon fire. Gimbatov ordered the men to dance unhealthy, they shall be removed. Then Dagestani started to peel them. Unhealthy soldiers obeyed and began clumsily imitate Caucasian dance. For izymatelstvami silent watching other fighters.

Experiments 90

There are other examples that demonstrate how hard it is to work with this group of soldiers. In the 90 years of the last century and in the zero years of this century fighter, called up from the North Caucasus region, sent to serve in the military construction units. And it was justified. After all, in the military construction teams since the Russian had been accumulated since secured work experience with multinational teams. The specifics of this work completely perfectly trained future officers, political officers in the 2-military-political structure of schools — Simferopol and Tallinn. Experienced teachers instilled students with talents and skills taught technique of unusual approaches to educational work on the basis of Russian ideology.

In the early 90-ies of the former lost the ideological component, training officers began to look for other unconventional ways of working, including with the natives of the North Caucasus. I also had a lot to tinker with them, because I was in command of the military and construction company, in which 90% of the personnel were from Dagestan and Karachay-Cherkessia. And our unit, consisting of Muslims committed to participate in the construction of the Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer. The difficulty of the work was not only a religious and national characteristics of the personnel, and the specifics of the construction site that is hosted on a large area on a number of levels, which is seriously complicated control over personnel.

Strong discipline as military and labor was achieved by the destination on the sergeant positions Karachai. They commanded units consisting of Dagestan. In turn, the representatives of the Republic of Dagestan were appointed vice squad and platoon commanders, where most were representatives of Karachay-Cherkessia. But the greater effect brought real intrigued by sergeants. At the end of the month receive monetary rewards only those junior officers, subordinates are not violated discipline, on time and wonderfully made targets. So makarom in tumultuous 90 years of military personnel and construction company there had been no violations of law and labor discipline, despite the richness of their various temptations.

RELIGION fall in

Later, I was appointed deputy commander of the 212th Military construction team on educational work, which was located in the capital of the street upper field. At my request, in working with people from the North Caucasus region have given me, the representatives of the Muslim clergy. Between the part of our military and the Council of Muftis of the Russian Federation signed a contract on cooperation in the field of educational work, which identified the main areas of the project "Muslim — exemplary soldier."

Working together with the representatives of the Council of Muftis of the Russian Federation began immediately after the arrival of the young soldier in a military unit. At this time, the imam during a visit a military construction unit reads the Muslims to follow cleanliness and order, the lack of separation in Islam to "male" and "female" work that the Muslim should keep their homes, in this case, the barracks , clean, do not shun cleaning and other chores.

A lot of attention in conversations with soldiers Muslim chaplain at my request, gave ethical behavior — courteous and good to his comrades in the service, especially the confession of another, and the need for unconditional submission to the commanders. "Military service — part of your faith" — the motto and began to educate work with all military personnel. I stress that during conversations with the staff of Imam I certainly was.

Adoption of the military oath and not without the role of the Imam. But, so there was some confusion during the ceremony and a military ceremony was an Orthodox priest and performed with the instructions to the personnel. After a celebratory lunch with soldiers from the Muslim community met again imam. He congratulated the fighter with the principal event in their lives, and read again the need for an honest implementation of commitments.

Muslim clerics have given me help and during the u
pcoming educational work. Imam visited our part, usually once per month, one Sunday. Metropolitan Cathedral Mosque Imam Hazrat Anas SADRETDINOV along with me the rounds of each company and debated separately with each fighter. The increased attention on my request, he gave military discipline violators. This work brings a special effect — the proud "horsemen" crying, realizing his guilt, and heartily repented. If someone from the military-Muslims was in the hospital, we went to the hospital with the imam. If any of them do chores in the dining room, for example, was peeling potatoes or had served in the daytime dress on a check-Fri, we also visited these objects together.

In addition, the Council of Muftis of Russia ready at my request, draft letters to their homeland especially the guilty fighter for public exposure to the offender. However, such a draft letter in my practice there was only one — in particular with regard to uncontrolled military builder, designed from the Naur district of Chechnya. Public reading of this letter with the intention to send him to the Imam Naur district very much acted on "high-handed fighter. He began to change his attitude to the performance of official commitments to the comrades, began to show zeal and diligence in carrying out the orders, to show respect to the commanders.

Immediately say, that the problem in the educational work still remained. But there were some results. In our part even visited the crew of TV channel "Russia", which produced a report on the educational work in part for applets "Muslims."

Initiative is punishable

Superiors in their own way, "estimated" my work. Began to transfer me to a part of the most notorious violators of military discipline from other military units deployed not only in Moscow, but also in other areas of Russia. All translated to me violators found themselves natives of the North Caucasus region. This has annoyed commander and officers of the company level. But they presented their claims not to the higher command, but to me, because in the army "any initiative is punishable." This principle is, unfortunately, proved tenacious. Maybe because at the current time in Russian army strong enough active, creative officers?

And at that time I decided to share my experience of educational work. Together with Sergey Melkovym, with the support of the Council of Muftis of the Russian Federation have been prepared and published "Instructional tips for working with the military builders-Muslims." In the coming already with Sergei Melkovym control officer and educational work of the Land Forces, Sergey Grigoryan, again with the help of the Council of Muftis of the Russian Federation have been prepared and published "Instructional tips for working with the military-Muslims" for officers, warrant officers and sergeants of the Army.

Why was this work done? Many officers from other parts reads as follows: "Give me the Koran, and I will use it to educate members of the Northern Caucasus!" But secular specialists from the Council of Muftis of the Russian Federation are also asked, "How can you not being a specialist on Islam, to find right words in the Quran, that in the right place and at the right time to quote them? After all, it's hard even for Islamic studies prepared! "

Methodological advice and did not found the widespread introduction of the Armed Forces. Was not needed and my experience with the military, called to the North Caucasus. Why? On this issue, I think, is easier to respond to the heads of the military government. After all, the problem of educational work with soldiers drafted from the North Caucasus, not only not disappeared, but has become even more acute.

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