Immigrants are storming Europe

Immigrants attack Europe

The European Union is on the verge of collapse of one of the basic ideas of association — the lack of boundaries. NATO military intervention in revolutionary action in Libya has led to a massive clot refugees who leave the countries of North Africa and ferried to Europe. Getting on the coming Italian islands, the refugees over time spread across the continent, putting at risk the peaceful existence of the Europeans.

In general, while diplomats continue to debate on the introduction of customs controls between member states of the European Union, some are already in place. For example, Denmark has announced the restoration of the previously abolished customs controls at borders with neighboring states. Germany did not appreciate so decisive actions neighbor and claimed clarify the circumstances of the introduction of control. Guido Westerwelle, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, said: "We need to Copenhagen early and detailed explanation of the steps. Freedom of movement and the Schengen agreement — basic services in the construction of a united Europe, and should not in any way be called into question. "

Maybe the government of Denmark comes entirely true, and indeed there came a point when it's a real threat to the safe existence of Europeans. Through the Mediterranean countries of North Africa once a day sail and sail boats with tyschami refugees fleeing civilians wars. There are so many that a clear accounting of conduct realistic. The smallest path lies in Tunisia. The coast of this country and the peninsula of Lampedusa, Italy, belonging, shares of 113 km.

Only preliminary data on the number of refugees who moved to Italy and Malta from Libya adjoining, have gained more than 12 thousand people. And many people realize that this is only the beginning. In recent months, the area of Libya, shrouded revolutionary unrest, left more than 700 thousand man.

Many people can not swim to the coveted in Europe. So, namely, on the night of May 7, off the coast of the island of Lampedusa encountered a mountain, was damaged and sank a small ship with Libyan refugees. All on board were 528 immigrants from enforced Libya and other North African countries, including ladies and kids. More than 120 man, including 2-babies died as a result of the disaster. This is not the first similar tragedy. April 6 in the same sank ship with migrants, resulting in more than 150 man The number of dead. Managed to avoid the death of 53 refugees. Yet the very few three ships with refugees from Libya never have gained the coast of Italy in recent days are gone and it is not clear where.

Melissa Fleming, spokeswoman of the UN Office for Migration and Refugees, urged coastal services of EU countries, sailors, captains of personal, commercial vessels adhere to their own responsibilities and to help people who are in a quandary, "take to the attention that all ships push off from the coast Libya in the direction of Europe, of course, useful assistance. " For humanity and philanthropy called in his own Easter proclamation and Pope Benedict XVI. "It is important that all good people will open their hearts to welcome them, so that the pressing needs of a huge number of siblings met a good response, united in their own indivisible unity" — said Pope Benedict XVI.

Naturally, verbally tolerant Europeans really willing to help migrants. In fact, similar, although the methods are ready to push back into the deep sea of those who still overcome it. On those thoughts tempting scandal which days are almost erupted in the West.

The priest Moses Moser, Managing located in Rome, the human rights organization Habeshia, blamed NATO for refusing to provide assistance to a group of African refugees whose ship lost in the course of the Mediterranean Sea. On the essence of the event wrote the first English newspaper The Times. According to her, on the ship, set sail from Libya on March 25, it was 72. Among them — the Sudanese, Ethiopians, Eritreans, Ghanaians, Nigerians. In the middle of immigrants were 20 women and two very malehankih children. In the middle of the path the ship completed fuel. Passengers appealed to the Italian Coast Guard. The surviving Africans say that drinking water and biscuits were delivered by helicopter. As spoken by migrants, the helicopter pilot told them that the rescue ship is on the way. But the rescue ship did not come. Apart from this, requests for help were ignored by several warships of NATO, which drifted past the emergency ship.

According disk imaging publication The Guardian, in an area in which the vessel is located with immigrants passed aircraft carrier "Charles de Gaulle" of the French Navy. The paper shows that with his side took off two helicopters that conducted reconnaissance flying over a ship with refugees, after which the carrier continued to move at their own rate.

NATO on the issue are justified, saying that "Charles de Gaulle" in one day generally did not go out to sea. In Brussels, continue to insist that close on the day shift commit another aircraft carrier — "Garibaldi" the Italian Navy. And he was at least 100 nautical miles from the crash site. But even if we take into account that flew over the infirm persons are not French, and Italian helicopters, but help still had not received — what difference does it make?

It is stated that the ship with migrants who are referred to the Italian island of Lampedusa, in the open sea for 17 days. Only on April 10 sea washed over his Libyan town of Zlitan. At that point in living on board were 11 people, two of whom have already died on the ground. "Every morning when we woke up and found on the deck of a few lifeless bodies of the same, as we are refugees, who threw into the sea. We either praying or dying ", — told reporters Abu Kurkov, one of the survivors of 9 people.

Meanwhile, in Italy, the Coast Guard The Guardian said they knew about the disastrous and catastrophic the situation in what was a ship with refugees. According to officials of the service, it was in the regional area of responsibility of their counterparts in Malta, which the Italians have sent all the necessary information. In Malta, the Coast Guard denied this information. At the moment, the newspaper said, the people who survived the crash, hiding in a private home of the 1st of the inhabitants of the Libyan capital Tripoli, while in the near time, they plan to make the latest attempt to reach Lampedusa.

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