Imperial occupation of Mexico and the 2012 election

Imperial occupation of Mexico and the 2012 election
The creation of counterterrorism and anti-drug "line of defense" in Mexico are engaged in all the law enforcement agencies of the United States. Greater of success they have gained during the reign of George W. Bush, brought to power the most "managed" presidents in the history of the Aztec Country: Vicente Fox at first, then — Felipe Calderon.

These policies, masking patriotic phraseology of belonging to the "neoliberal International", had and still defeatist (pro-imperial) rate in effect on all fundamentally matters of domestic and foreign policy. As a result — a loss of authority of Mexico in the international arena and in particular — in Latin America. All the more often they say about the imperial occupation of Mexico as a fait accompli, and imposed a smooth analogy with the occupation of Iraq or Afghanistan, but without bombing and missile strikes. Country on the sly "passed" Yankees Calderon — under the pretext of "imminent expansion of drug cartels and the dangers of seizure of power in Mexico." The militarization of the fight against drug cartels has not given encouraging results. Account victims of this silent war going on the 10's of thousands. Intimidating logo for escalation are "drones", who use the South American military "to identify drug diversion channels with areas of Mexico in the United States."

Washington is doing everything possible to prolong the occupation regime. In July 2012 in the Land of the Aztecs will be the next presidential election. Political analysts predict that after 12 years of being in the opposition to the government can return the Revolutionary Institutional Party (PRI), which for decades dominated the political scene in Mexico. A possible candidate for president of the PRI is the governor Enrique Peña Nieto, 45 years old, tried and tested party frame with exterior goodie telenovelas, with no visible flaws and compromising. The biggest complaint that the requirements of the contenders: strange origin of the funds used for the election and needs to maintain the style. Millions of dollars are spent on executive cars, suits, watches, "Cartier." How is this chic lifestyle, if a politician does not have your own business? But it is, in principle, the little things when the main post you want to put your own person. That's why Washington prefers Peña Nieto.

Preliminary "bride" Peña Nieto in the U.S. began with a visit to Congress, where the Mexican made a suitable memory. Have been carried out and "private" meetings with representatives of various influential institutions. Pena Nieto, "the future president Mexico"As it is presented in the official offices, interlocutors promised to strengthen the fight against drug cartels and terrorist organizations that threaten the United States, and Washington's unquestioning support of activities aimed at limiting the impact of" populist bloc ", their return to the" democratic values "under the" non-confrontational " regional organizations. Pena Nieto gave clear grasp of what is "credible alternative" danger "revival of Mexican populism" in the face of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, which heads of state revival movement (Movimiento Regeneración Nacional — MRN).

Washington has a "problem Obrador" is causing great concern. In 2006, it was resolved by massive electoral fraud in favor of Calderon. In 2012, Washington and the Mexican oligarchs will be much more difficult to "appoint their own president." For a year before the elections began intense promotion of Peña Nieto through television and radio channels. He served as a national favorite. But Lopez Obrador in the mass media is treated as a "secret fan of Chavez," marginal, doomed to misfortune figure, far from the burning problems of our time and their solutions in the interest of the Mexican people. Meanwhile specifically Obrador in the criteria of the information blockade after all the years of "defeat" traveling the country, meeting with voters, creating an alternative structure of MRN and the neoliberal model program from O Mexico of permanent social and economic crisis.

"We reject any form of U.S. intervention — not tired of repeating Obrador. — We do not want to be a foreign protectorate, a colony of another government. " The politician opposes the course of Mexican liberals on military cooperation with the United States, insisting on the primacy of economic and trade relations. "Instead of" Plan Merida "and transfer to us (Mexicans) weapons and helicopters — says Obrador — we want to offer to the U.S. government, if it really wants to help Mexico to allocate loans to us without humiliating usurious criterion. These tools will help revive the economy, create jobs, form conditions for reducing movement of our people in the United States. "

Obrador rejects the current strategy of the "war on drug cartels," which is used by Washington and the government of Calderon to justify the use of the army in Mexico and the United States on the Mexican countryside. The fight against drug crime the police should deal with specific and appropriate agencies. That's why Obrador (if he wins the election) promises to invalidate the agreements Calderon with the U.S. administration, which are demeaning to state sovereignty, secured de facto occupation regime of the Empire.

Such agreements were signed much. Washington used the political incapacity Calderon to achieve their geostrategic goals in Mexico, which, together with Colombia, is seen as a bridgehead against "populist" countries bloc ALBA. In Mexico, the (almost) deployed parallel power structures, led by South American diplomats. In the middle they control units — thousands of "non-governmental organizations", "volunteers" of the Peace Corps, contractors under various disguises, the structure a "fifth column", etc.

Political analyst Pedro Echeverria calls embassy U.S. operations center: "It is located in the most important geographic, economic and financial district of the capital, is an impressive complex of buildings in the neighborhood of Chapultepec, on Avenue Reforma, 305. In addition, in different states of the Republic of South American act of representation, but the most fundamental, coordinates the work of the Embassy of the 10-s of thousands of agents of the CIA, the FBI, the Department of Drug Enforcement (DEA), etc., who managed to seep into the principal, the principal Universities of power. " Vnutriposolsky phone directory reflects the "inclusiveness" of this kind of activity — from the "mentoring" for food and agricultural issues to military intelligence. If all of the military who are serving in the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City, dressed in uniforms and took to the avenue reform, the association would be trivial: there is a branch of the Pentagon. In other large cities in Mexico, especially in the port, the illegal activity of the U.S. military has become a common practice.

Near the U.S. Embassy, in Reform, 225, is the headquarters of the "Plan Merida", coordinating the fight against drug trafficking and organized crime groups. Command here representatives of U.S. intelligence — DEA, CIA, FBI, Department of Anti-Smuggling of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives (ATF), Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and other
s. Mexican "partners" Americans in the preparatory procedure is subjected to special checking to avoid a "holy of holies" of planning joint operations associates of Mexican drug cartels and criminal organizations. Clearly, Americans do not report to all employees of their own operations. So, one of them was carried out "by the band ATF» terrain with the United States. "Controlled delivery" in Mexico two thousand barrels of AK-47s and sniper rifles to identify the channels of supply drug cartels turned into an instrument failure. Most of the "supply" out of control operatives. Observers note that the gun through various "controlled and uncontrolled 'channels spreads to Mexico without much opposition from the U.S. border guards and security services. Once a day, the Mexican customers get to 1500-2000 barrels. Withdrawn an order of magnitude — as something to report …

The new ambassador to Mexico, President Obama sends Earl Anthony Wayne. Specifically, he will ensure victory in the elections, "the candidate of the United States." Will it be salted at the height of the intended target?

Wayne began his career in 1975 in the CIA station in Morocco. Until June of this year was the second person at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul. He has a reputation for special on the fight against terrorism and drug trafficking. Political scientists have directed attention to it, "Wayne apply its own experience in Afghanistan provided in the Mexican environment." The coming of his assistants at the ambassadorial team will be John Feeley and James Williams. Fili — Minister-Counselor, to get a start in life in the ranks of the U.S. Marine Corps (he was a helicopter pilot). He studied at the Military Institute and on the faculty of Georgetown zabugornoy Service Institute, which came out of the walls of a generation of spies. The main work in the "problem" of Latin America, including El Salvador and Colombia. Of course, do not let you down, and Williams, a diplomat with the "last battle", once served on the destroyers of the Second and Sixth Fleets. It is remarkable that participated in the implementation of "Plan Colombia", working "under cover" of the embassy in Islamabad and other exotic locations where needed "to restore order."

Military biographies own many other "diplomats". All confirms the theory that the embassy U.S. prepares for work in crisis criteria. It is worth noting that at the initiative of the institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) in the working agenda of the legislative and executive branches including the reform of the Public Safety Act. The project anticipates providing additional opportunities president to suspend constitutional guarantees and the use of the army to suppress the "street violence" (social protests).

Some political analysts believe that the adoption of the law is planned under the presidency of Peña Nieto. He will have to "break through" many unpopular commitments made by Washington, including the use of U.S. military areas of Mexico, its air and sea space against the "potential enemies" in the region. It is necessary to decrypt again, who are these enemies?

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