In America Award for removal of a child is $ 5000, in Europe pay € 1000 per head

Principles and mechanisms of juvenile justice"If a child lives in the home, not the state of no benefit. When a child is taken, there is a huge redistribution of funds "
Recently in Finland took care staff at a Russian citizen Anastasia Zavgorodnyaya four children for "cotton on the pope."

Russian woman seems to have appeared before them in such a tyrant, that the guardianship was taken even a baby seven days old. Russia's reaction was immediate — of his "concern about the situation" and said the Foreign Ministry, and the Commissioner for Children's Rights Astakhov, and the head of the Russian delegation at the PACE session in Strasbourg Alexei Pushkov. However, as shown, with yuvenalkoy in the West, which, incidentally, breaks into Russia, statements alone can not cope. On why Russian children are the most popular in Europe and how much give "a child's head," said the coordinator to Nakanune.RU rights movement "Russian mother" Irina Bergset.

Finnish social workers took four children Anastasia Zavgorodnyaya that has both Russian and Finnish citizenship. All children placed in sotspriyut. "Anastasia, in which the Finnish authorities seized four children, was allowed to see his newborn once a month, but they were forbidden to breastfeed. She was given permission to meet on Tuesday with a new baby, but only in jail and under strict protection, "- said the human rights activist Johan Beckman.

Today also revealed that another Russian woman, Albina Kasatkina, trying to bring his children, whom Finnish social service took on suspicion of domestic violence. "Sotsrabotnitsy came to my house and said that they go to the nursery and bring the children and lead them in for questioning. It happened to my surprise. I'm in shock, it all happened in one call my current wife's ex-husband, who nine months ago, said that it is very concerned for the children and their mother beaten with a belt. This is absurd. This was not confirmed in any way. No scratches on the children, "- she said. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the Finnish authorities did not act for the first time since it was tougher on Russian children.

"It is deeply troubling that the persons, and other cases, we do not see in the actions of the Finnish authorities' willingness to engage in dialogue to ensure the rights of children in mixed-or Russian-speaking families. As a result, the occurrence of conflicts associated with the removal of children from the care of parents living in Finland, the Russians, in recent years has become systemic, "- said the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Q: Tell us why in Finland in so many Russian children are taken from their parents. We hear about these issues almost every year.

Irina Bergset: This situation is not only in Finland, and in 193 countries around the world, and it goes past 20 years. Finland — this is the country where the system is more transparent to the Russians, because there is a human rights activist Johan Backman, and parents may at any time to call him and tell him that the child was taken yesterday or now knocking at the door. Such people are not in every country. Johan Backman — Finn, who knows the system, the university lecturer, candidate of Political Science, a prominent human rights, and we should be grateful to the world, if every country was a man who would stand between the local authorities, courts and Russian immigrants who get into these situations.

By Johan Beckman and directly from parents, we received information that the family of Anastasia Zavgorodnyaya — 35th family this year, which has forced, without trial confiscated by staff at care, state patronage, social. Patronage Finland. Anastasia selected 4 children, including a 7-day baby. Today I called another woman from Petrozavodsk. She is afraid to give his name, and she also took away a child in Finland. He is the 50th this year.

Understand that these thousands of people in Finland, thousands in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, America, and the list of people who were not afraid to give their names and phone numbers — is half-Russian and Russian 77 families who seized 109 children around the world.

Q: Why is the guardianship are able so easily to take other people's children out of the family?

Irina Bergset: While Russia distracted reconstruction (this is my profound opinion), the world has changed its attitude to the family and to the relationship between parents and children. Adopted international conventions and laws are developed in each country, it was reported that the child belongs to the territory in which he was the last three months.

I myself took away two children. I believe and have always believed that I am a good parent, a normal social situation — an apartment, car and other necessary attributes of a good parent. They gave me a free phone call a lawyer, who explained that this is a profound mistake that children have something to do with the parents. Children belong to Norway. That is, the state delegates parents the right to lodge with their children before the first violation. That is, until the first parent faults, and under delinquent parent can understand anything.

Here's how it happened with Anastasia in Finland — the girl allegedly said she slapped on the ass at home. In Norway, there are times when a child said, "Mom told me to wash my hands!", And the child is said in a tone that the teacher thought the child was exposed to violence, and then withdraw the child from the family.

Q: What about the courts?

Irina Bergset: It used to be seized by the courts of children. If you are an alcoholic, drug addict or a person with a criminal past or present — it is clear, and we, as sensible people support such a social system that helps children who find themselves in difficult social situations, but where does a good parent?

Here in the West, the state now encourages taking away children from good parents. They stimulate it awards. In America, the premium social worker for the selected child is $ 5,000. In Europe, issued at € 1000 per head of each selected child. Commune, city districts (each country has its own name), are competing to see who will select more children, and these figures are published in the public domain. For example, the Norwegian site says that the best system of care work in Bergin and guardianship Oslo is doing badly — it is necessary to select more children.

The government of Norway considers that the child is taken very little, though it has one fifth of all children living in Norway, taken away from their parents. 4 million people live in Norway and 1.2 million children have been alienated from their parents.

We have a Russian father Morozov, who came to Norway with her son. The child was 6 years old, he went to school and liked the teacher, as the child clever, does not require any training-dressirovok, and she wanted to take him. She just called to care, talked a lot of his father, came and took custody of his son. What benefit was a teacher? She got a baby and a million euros — a 5 million rubles a year to maintain it.

Foster parents in Norway — the only category of people whose salary is not taxed. People in Norway do not go to a bank and wait in lines for foster children. And you can choose the child. A new family moved into the country, you like a baby, you make a denunciation care and represent that you want this baby, and you will be taken away and bring it in line with the law on social patronage.

Question: What is the benefit to the state?

Irina Bergset: If a child lives in the home, there is no state of no benefit, there is no movement of funds. When a child is taken, there is a huge redistribution of resources, besides the expense of the system to solve the problem of unemployment Norway — in the courts of each village listen to 10 cases a day, the lawyers get a job, social workers, social, family, etc. In addition, this is a huge state subsidies in the territory in which they live foster families. This kind of industry reallocation of children by country, by city, by families. Why is this, I can not understand with his Russian mentality, but for something that's worth, and they say that the money that brings business alienation of children from their parents, are not comparable with the money that bring drugs.

Question: And what ultimately happens to the parents?

Irina Bergset: The role of parents passive. The state offers the biological parent 2:00 biannual meetings in the presence of government officers. That is, employees care sit and watch as this "guilty" mother comes out on a date for her child. And one tear — and dating is no more. I was given with his own son one visit per year. And then it was canceled, because I was on this date in the presence of guards, almost police, "I can steal a child in Russia." How to prove to other countries that we are not going to steal kids to take Russia, we want them to be, we want to live with them, we want to educate them!

Question: Were there times when parents managed to escape from the custody of the European institutions?

Irina Bergset: As recently as a few months ago, the family fled from Finland Alexei Semenov. They have five children, and one of the girls was taken to custody. Something did not like the teacher, and she did not return from school. Fortunately, she was an adult, over 12 years, and she knew somehow escape. Parents quickly got into the car, leaving everything behind, and returned to Russia.

Q: Is it true that most Russian children take it and why?

Irina Bergset: Yes, as is common in Norway. Norway has published a statistical report on 2009, children under which national sotspatronatom more and Russian children in this list in the first place. I think this is due to the fact that Russian children are very similar to the Scandinavians. Maybe they prefer to take the baby, which will be similar to the native Scandinavian Norwegian child.

Statistics is that as of 1 January 2010, under the patronage of the government of Norway, there were about three thousand children, parents imported to Norway, but were born in another country, and two thousand of those born in Norway. Thus, about 5 thousand Russian children on January 1, 2010 was under the patronage of Norway. I note that the Russian diaspora in Norway — it is about 10 thousand people. How can you take away 10 thousand 5 thousand children? I do not understand! Come to the country people are intelligent, college-educated, usually the best, and to say that all of them are alcoholics or paranoid, you know, is impossible.

Q: How do they react to the situation of our government?

Irina Bergset: What is most surprising, our Foreign Ministry does not surprise those statistics. Our power and Mr Astakhov, I present this information to open a special Bureau of Statistics of Norway, is not interested.

Now we have one hope — Vladimir Putin. Because Europe considers him a strong leader and is afraid of him because of his unpredictability. Now we parents would ask Putin not to enter the Finnish and Norwegian standard scenario in Russia.

September 25th our esteemed Members of Parliament under the lobbying and pressure from Ms. Mizulina adopted in the first reading the bill on sotspatronate in Russia. This means that after its introduction to the January 2013 we will also be missed on the streets and children in kindergartens. Russian parents who read about our terrible history abroad, collected 140,000 signatures, and handed them over to the administration of the president to stop the punitive sotspatronat and not introduce it in Russia. And we sincerely hope that Putin will hear people who like it and want to keep our treasure — Russian children. It is a treasure, 40 million children who live with their parents in Russia, much more expensive than oil, diamonds, and even our vast territory. If the West is now able to implement its technology for the separation of the Russian family, then that is the most terrible destruction of the country, not the conquest of our territory.

September 28 parents who were forcibly separated from their children, came to the area to vessels on the protest. They joined together and appealed to the United Nations. Currently, there are in session on children, and so, the parents wrote a petition, which states: "We are asked to recognize the forced separation of biological parents with own children a crime." The fact that this is a crime in Russia, we are no doubt, but the mentality of Europe, Oceania and the West is completely different. They believed that the salvation of the child from the tyrannical parent who makes studying music, develop their talents, even to brush your teeth or do sports training — is violence. Of such parent European country and wants to save the children.

Q: The head of the Russian delegation at the PACE session in Strasbourg Alexei Pushkov promised to raise the question of the status of Russian families with children in Finland. What do you think, does it help to resolve the situation, or at least move in the direction of solving the problems?

Irina Bergset: I think yes, because Alexei Pushkov may submit the issue at their level, but I would like to note that this situation became catastrophic scale, not only in Finland but also in other countries. In France from 1958 to the present day from good parents gave away two million children, and how many of them Russian, we can not figure out, but it may very well find that same gun.

All in Europe there are about six million Russian, in which about two million children. Imagine, perhaps, of the 2 million for a million do not live with their parents and are in shelters. It's also the children of Russia! And they live in a family-type prisons! My son, who is 13 years old, says that the foster family, which won him a salary and money to maintain it, can not spend a penny on its contents, no one is watching.

My son is allocated a room in the basement, where there was a bed, and said, "You can do nothing, do not go to school, do not brush your teeth." The child does not know how to live. The number of suicides among children increased significantly. UN has repeatedly criticized Norway for increasing the number of child deaths, but none of the scientists involved in this story. Therefore, we, the people who are in such a situation, we ask scientists, sociologists, historians, psychologists, criminologists look at it not as an exception to the point, but as a new phenomenon. It's like an addiction when it started, it seemed that she was somewhere in Brazil, it will never touch my family. Similarly, I have always heard that the children were taken away, but it would never have believed that taken away from me.

It is also the fact that in Russia there is a free press. In all 193 troubled countries on children and families called confidential. In Finland, no newspaper has written about the history of Zavgorodnyaya because it is considered a violation of the law on state secrets. That is, the separation of parents and children in these countries are equated to a state secret, and only the Russian media are now able to talk about it. Therefore, Johan Beckman can not do anything without Russia.

He lives in Finland, but highlights the stories in the Russian press, and believes that it is impossible to save the affected parents from Finland — need to get a support from Russia.

This is a battle, mikrovoyna where nobody will not help — the country's laws against you, the Russian people about the situation in principle do not know, and believe that this is some nonsense. But today, we have started to unite. There are already 77 families, we selected 109 children and we want them to 110 was not. I want the child Zavgorodnyaya was the last person withdrawn from the family. To know in the West that the Russian is better not to touch — they will pick up noise, they come together, they will not give up their own! And we will do it, if we can convince our president, support us and stop this aggression, which is committed against Russian children in Europe, America, Oceania, New Zealand.

Question: A question about Russian children in Finland have already rose sharply enough. Why Russia has not reached an agreement with Finland on this subject?

Irina Bergset: I have not much doubt that we have a competent diplomats who do their work. When I went to the Russian Embassy in Norway, as many parents to contact the embassy in Finland, the first thing I was told that between Russia and Finland, Russia and Norway, there is no contract for the children. And since no contracts, no software, how to deal with these issues. Under pressure from Russia and Russian diplomats was a commission for the preparation of such a treaty, but it meets the commission? .. In Norway, I was told that Russia understands that children are suffering Russian parents in Norway, and that we need a treaty, but Russia can not force Norway to the negotiating table. The diplomats will continue to negotiate, but diplomatic way — a very long way.

Look at France — Natalya Zakharova selected child 13 years ago. At the signing of the first treaty between Russia and France, took 13 years. If Finland is to sign an agreement with Russia for 13 years, how much will this seven-year-old child years? See if his mother? How to address transition, that is, now that they have not yet signed the agreement?

There is only one way, if we as parents, help our diplomats, we each time telling our stories, we will become a kind of battering ram, which will accelerate the process of the agreements change outdated conventions of the children that exist in Europe. Now we are watching as Russia, which joined the trade area, entered into an obsolete world, which itself needs reformation. However, Europe has set an ultimatum to Russia — your family law and children should be European. But if you take the day after Russia Finnish family law or Norwegian law number 100 of the trusteeship, it will not just absurd, but a disaster for the world, because the parents all over the world can not do anything about it, and expecting some progressive country and its leader would stand up for all the victims. And today I am without pathos and pathetic saying that it happened, that Vladimir Putin is a historical role — to protect the family in the traditional sense, where the parents are living together with their children.

"In America award for" taking "of the child is $ 5000, in Europe pay € 1,000 per head" ("to Nakanune.RU", Ekaterinburg)
Anastasia Kolesov

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