In China, there is a grand mirage of an unidentified city (VIDEO)


Residents of the city Huanchan standing on the Xin'an River in the East China witnessed another miraculous natural phenomenon. Grand mirage that has spread to the entire horizon.

Looks like a mirage seen in May 2011 in the Chinese city of Haikou same, but this one was even more magnificent. The sight of the huge city with trees, skyscrapers and mountains appeared out of the mist over the river in the evening at sunset after a series of heavy rainfall.





Surprised residents phenomenon recorded on video and take photos. The city no one could identify, and people believe that it is something of a lost civilization of old. Photo and video drove into a dead end, even the experts who were also unable to identify the city. In the end, they decided that the whole thing in a particular illusion of dampness and moisture.



This mirage in China is called the most striking of these phenomena for the entire period of observation mirages.

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