In Chuvashia, the cases of wolf attacks on livestock

In Chuvashia, the cases of wolf attacks on livestockIn Chuvashia, the cases of wolf attacks on livestock and people. In particular, as reported in the rural village Atnarskom Krasnochetaysky area residents complain that wolves attacked livestock, domestic dogs. In this connection, in the settlement to take emergency measures, the team created to destroy predators.

"The decision to form teams for shooting wolves taken due to the fact that in recent years significantly increased attacks gray predators on domestic animals", — said the head of the settlement, Alexander Kuznetsov. According to him, the hunters destroyed the greatest number of predators will be given financial incentives. "It's a pity to destroy the gray predators, but there is no alternative — a pack of wolves already began to appear near the rural communities, and are a threat to human life and health," — noted in the administration of the settlement.

Last fall wolves have to go and see in the Chuvash village. In particular, the cases of complaints of citizens complaining of wolves in the area Shumerlinskii Chuvashia. Wolves slaughtered livestock, domestic and hunting dogs. Huntsman hunting "Surskoe" LLC "League" was able to shoot one wolf and wounding the other. September 13 at about 5 am huntsman hunted ducks, when suddenly he saw beside her six wolves animals circled hunter. Under threat of death, despite the lack of a permit, a ranger made of hunting dvuhstvolki two shots, killing one and severely injuring the wolf another. Killed by a wolf was an adult female. Wounded animal could not be found.

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