In Crimea pass state tests of the new version of the aircraft L-39M

At a military airfield "Kirov" State Research and Test Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Crimea, pass state tests about L-39M, which is different from the base L-39 the presence of on-board training complex BTK 39.

BTK is designed to simulate the impact of the complex combat aircraft MiG-29, to form a tactical environment, for training or student pilot in solving tactical problems with the use of the weapon system of the MiG-29. That is, the aircraft is flying a simulator to train pilots for combat work on the MiG-29.

In the first phase took flight tests, and now — the state tests. Holds almost half of the program, 20 flights, including 6 — to combat use against ground targets and, accordingly, 14 — on the simulated air targets. Approximate time of completion of the test flight of the — the end of August this year.

Then — identified gaps, the preparation of serial production, production aircraft into service. Production is to upgrade full-time aircraft L-39 with the installation of additional equipment.

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