In Italy, found the remains of a witch, nailed to the ground


In the mouth, the skull was found buried seven long nails. She was buried without any coffin or even a shroud. Thirteen more nails counted around the bones of its skeleton. Apparently the body of a witch trying to nail down to the ground, she did not resurrected …

The find made in the so-called "witches graveyard" in the coastal area of Piombino (Piombino), which is not far from the town of Lucca, Toscana region. "Witches Graveyard" site was named because a little earlier on it unearthed the skeleton of a woman with dice, while 800 years ago, the time to which the remains, on pain of death for women was banned from playing in the bone.

With regard to the second finding, the experts say, the woman was about 25-30 years old. Fordzhione archaeologist Alfonso (Alfonso Forgione) of the University of L'Aquila, who is the head of the excavation data, said that it would most likely was suspected of witchcraft.

-This is a very unusual find. Never before seen anything like it,-tells Fordzhione — judging by the nails driven into his mouth and those nails that are found around the bones, I am convinced that it was considered a witch and buried without a coffin and shroud, nailing his clothes to the ground. Most people just want to lie quietly and rose from the grave in the form of a revived corpse.



— The second body was found with 17 dice. And the number 17, by the way, very unhappy in Italy. Besides the dice for a long time there has been a taboo for women. The general character of both graves is something ekzortsisticheskoe. This obviously had some kind of ritual and now we are trying to establish the cause of death of the two women.

Another mystery for archaeologists is that these "witches" were buried in a sacred place, not far from the remains of a medieval church. Perhaps the two women were from wealthy families and their rich relatives persuaded to bury them in here. But this is only version.

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