In Kamchatka, found the car age 400 million years

In Russia, was discovered first mechanical device age 400 million years.

On the remote Kamchatka Peninsula, 150 miles from the village of Tigil, archaeologists at the University of St. Petersburg discovered strange fossils. The authenticity of the finds has been certified. According to archaeologist Yuri Golubev, discovery has astonished scientists. It was a machine.

This is not the first time in this region is found like this strange artifact. But, surprisingly, it seems at first glance, the car was "imprinted" in the remains of a volcano.

After the analysis, it became clear that the device was made of metal parts that form a mechanism such as clock or computer. Artifact was dated age 400 million years!

Scientists said that the tourists have found the remains in the rocks. Went to the place and archaeologists made the discovery. Hundreds gear cylinder is vehicles. They are perfectly preserved. Archaeologists had to take the territory under protection, because it finds the place began arriving crowd of curious onlookers. American geologists examined the car and confirmed that this is a car. They were amazed.

Nobody could believe that 400 million years ago there was a man in the world (not to mention the machines). While the forms of life were very simple, but finding implies existing intelligence that could produce such technology.

Artifacts can reach the state of the fossils in a brief historical and geological period. For example, "car" could fall into the swamp.

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