In KCR renovated put three health facilities

As part of the program "Modernization of health care" in today's Abaza KCR renovated put 3 medical facility: Abaza central district clinic and paramedic — health posts (FAPs) in the village Inzhich-Chukun and Caro-Pago.

In Abaza main health center overhauled in adolescence, sight, and pediatric physical therapy offices, as well as in the office of U.S. — diagnostic laboratories and outpatient.

In FAPs major repairs and reconstruction of buildings, resulting in the replacement of roofing, window and door frames. In FAP village of Kara-Pago replaced the heating system, wiring harness. Work on improvement of adjacent areas.

Note to overhaul Abaza central district polyclinics and FAPs in the village Inzhich-Chukun and Kara-Pago was sent to more than 11 million rubles, including more than 3 million rubles from the republican budget.
In addition, the program "Modernization of public health" for Abaza local clinic in 2011 planned purchase of 47 units of medical equipment that was beginning to arrive. Next year is expected to flow ultrasound machine, mommografa and other medical and diagnostic equipment, which will allow on-site laboratory to deploy and improve the quality of medical services to the population.

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