In Korenovsk (Krasnodar region), construction of a new military airfield

In Korenovsk Krasnodar region started construction of a new military airfield. Helicopter air base in Korenovsk is a long time, but technically it does not meet the requirements of modern aviation.

Today Korenovsk in the regiment of several dozen combat helicopters, and has the most advanced Mi-28 and SC — 52. In this case, 2/3 of an air base — it's just groomed soil in the spring or autumn floods such coverage significantly limits the ability of the air base.

In Korenovsk airport will be built with a strip of 2.5 km, enabling them to take any military planes and helicopters — take off-take in all weather conditions. The cost of construction — 6.5 billion rubles. Builders — General Directorate of roads and airfields at Spetsstroy Russia — guaranteed 50-year life of the future of the airfield. Completion is scheduled for December 2014.

Total is currently under construction and reconstruction of 11 military airfields.


Works Korenovsk will be conducted in two phases. In the first group will be built helicopter parking areas, runways, platforms for testing engines, dissociating sites, platforms for learning take-off, landing, and for service. In total, to be concreted 356,000 square meters.
At the facility will be built-downspout drainage system and sewerage treatment facilities, shelters for flight technology and a complex of buildings and hangars. The power industry will get a new gas boiler, heat and electric networks. Along the perimeter of the airfield will construct a new fence, equipped with the most modern means of observation and patrol road.
In the second phase of construction at the airport will be built Korenovsk runway length of 2.5 kilometers, the full range of airfield infrastructure facilities.

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