In Kostroma Oblast was established breeding and seed center

construction of the center (October 2011) 

In Kostroma region selection and seed new center "Sharyinsky" an area of 12 hectares will grow 6 million seedlings a year.

Projecting six fields growing-irrigation system is completed, there is building of an industrial building and two greenhouses. Last equipped climate control, watering frames and decontamination system. The first seedlings will be planted in May 2012. To do this already harvested 960 kilograms of seeds of coniferous trees. Just a year will be seeded 1 ton of 200 kilograms of seed.

Sharyinsky Center — the first nursery in the Kostroma region and eighth in Russia. The total investment will exceed 290 million rubles. The plant will create at least 30 new jobs.

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