In Krasnodar An international center for Regenerative Medicine

November 8 based Kuban State Medical University An international Clinical Research and Education Center of Regenerative Medicine.

International Clinical Research and Education Center for Regenerative Medicine, created on the base, will become a platform for clinical development and introduction of new regenerative technologies.

For these purposes, the center received a government grant of $ 150 million. Work on the implementation of the grant began on October 1, the timing of the project — up to and including 2013.

In the laboratory, regenerative medicine will be created artificial organs and tissue that surgeons regional clinical hospital will then be transplanted to patients in need of transplants.

Technology of regenerative medicine will not only avoid transplant donor organs for incurable diseases (diseases of the respiratory system, the replacement of tissues and organs affected as a result of cancer, cases of inoperable cancer, liver cirrhosis, pancreatitis, etc.), but also greatly enhance the ability to improve the quality human life and its renewal.

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