In Krasnodar, earned a new rice plant

The group of companies "Krasnodarzernoprodukt" launched its processing plant rice cereal. The new production is organized in a regional center in the grounds of a mill-of-elevator complex "Krasnodarzernoprodukt."

Risopererabatyvayuschy own factory "locked" the chain, from raw material production to the delivery of finished products to the final consumer.

The processing plant rice cereal is located in the immediate vicinity of the granaries EWC capacity of 70 thousand tons of storage, in one of the buildings, completely renovated.

Through the use of existing facilities the company has significantly reduced the budget for the organization of a new production. As a result, investments amounted to about 90 million rubles, which was directed, in addition to the reconstruction of the premises for the construction of conveyor galleries, the purchase of the latest technological equipment produced in Korea and packaging systems. The planned processing capacity — 50 thousand tons of rice paddy per year. Products — rice cereal — will be issued in accordance with the guests and international standards. High product quality is achieved through the use of high quality raw materials, as well as through the use of modern high-tech processes and equipment, such as photoelectron separation and precision peeling corn. The head of "Krasnodarzernoprodukta" Alex Sidyuk considers launching a rice plant logical step in the development of the company, aimed at building a vertically integrated business model.

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