In Krasnodar KB number 2 has opened a new Operating Room

Modern operating unit with sixteen operational and newest angiography earned in full force in the second regional hospital in Krasnodar.

The housing 16 is operating, in which surgeons are able to run simultaneously 24 hours. It has modern equipment. For example, angiography allows you to explore the patient's circulatory system, diagnose specific diseases and treat them.

In the block is installed disinfection system. It saves the time of preparation for the operation, which ensures uninterrupted operation and increases the capacity of almost two and a half times.

"We took a sample of the clinic where developed surgery — in Germany and, therefore, not only the equipment we brought from there, but was brought and technology have brought the experience. Our experts are constantly learning from the best surgeons in a particular field of surgery, "- says Galina Model, chief medical GBUZ" Regional Clinical Hospital № 2 ".

Between doctors call a new block with a unique stuffing smart. Thanks to modern equipment will improve the quality of medical services. Now surgeons Regional Hospital number 2 can perform a whole range of elective and emergency surgical care.

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