In Krasnodar, opened a new school

March 3, 2012 in Krasnodar, opened a new school number 98. The new modern building for 550 people on the street. Dzerzhinsky, 100/3 will be trained guys from the 109th military camp and the nearby neighborhoods. Construction of a school on the current project with the new requirements and health standards, equipped with everything necessary.

After the official part of the city, accompanied by the head of the students surveyed classrooms, canteen, catering department, a bedroom for first-graders, dental office, sports and fitness facilities, an office of health protection.

— We have a tradition — to open each year at the school. 2012-the only just begun, and we already gave the young people of Krasnodar fine, equipped in accordance with modern requirements of the building, where all the conditions for students and teachers. Today the school number 98 — a sample of one of the best in town, and in the future we will stick to the same high standards — the mayor said.

The head of the city said that has already begun work on the design and location of new schools and in other parts of the city. In particular, it is building a new school in the district "German Village" began designing schools for 1000 in the village of Lenin. It will build this year, and first of all surrender — in 2013. A new educational institution in the district "Moscow."

At the end of tours of the new school of Vladimir Evlanov instructed to study the routes of public transport for students to see where you need to make the transition paths and walkways, the children were free to come to school and go home.

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