In Krasnokamensk opened a new production line of sausage products

November 29, Krasnokamensk in the framework of the project of agricultural cluster in the south-west of the Trans-Baikal region has opened a new production line of sausage products, which will increase the number of cattle farms and establish sustainable marketing.


"The opening of today's production line at the factory" naped "- this is only the first stage of production, the second phase, the cost of which is 335 million rubles, involves the processing of sheep and goat meat and pork — the press-service. — Power IC "naped" for the production of sausages, which now employs 200 people, is 200 tons per month, with the possibility of further increase in production in 2012 to 400 tons per month. "

In 2010 started the phase of the project, including the organization of cattle slaughter capacity of 160 head per day (6.6 million tons of beef on the bone in a year). The total investment for the project will be about 436 million rubles.

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