In Krasnokamsk opened shop on processing farm products

In Krasnokamsk (Perm region) opened shop on processing farm products to the store. The shop at the store produces more than 200 tons of food items. Or 270 tons of finished products per year. Raw materials for the supply of delicacies and large farms and local farmers. From this cooperation benefits everyone: the population gets fresh food, and manufacturers solve the problem of marketing.

Video from the opening: All the excitement behind. The store opened. People who are able to make the first and most difficult steps in the development of their business, usually do not stop. This is a clear example of how a small business could go all the way: participation in the program of the employment center to create new jobs, protecting a business plan for a grant. And most importantly — to find his niche.

Ilya Levin, director of the magazine "Meat Yard", "range is updated every hour, as has his shop. We can produce what customers need now. "

Alexander Logatchev, Minister of Agriculture of the Perm region, "Of course, a good business, good pay, good taxes — for the Perm region is what you need!"

Support for entrepreneurial people who want to open a business in agribusiness — part of the "Perm. Find yourself here. " Start-up businesses in rural areas are subsidized by the opening of the business, the payment of the cost of purchasing agrofranshizy and other help. Xenia and Kate drove across town to the opening of "Meat court." The student is always hungry — this is not about them. Girls care about the quality nutrition.

Only in Krasnokamsk immediate plans to open another three specialty shops. And then "Meat patios" will appear in Perm, and track and across the province. Once there is support. "

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