In Krasnoyarsk, children with musculoskeletal treat computer game

Now a seven-year Danil yourself doing 12 steps. Two months ago without the support could not get a single one. The boy has a congenital disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Improvements occurred after rehabilitation in the regional children's hospital.

Elena Vichulis, Mom Daniel: "When the course ended, I had a desire to go Daniel. He knew how to do it right. Would get up from the couch and he took his first steps. And so a few times."

Treatment is carried out with the help of a new machine. The feet of a child connected robotic orthosis that hold the limb in the correct position. The machine helps to walk on the treadmill, taking on the part of the load. The unique technique is that the child is training through a computer game.

 This is where you walk through the woods, look for treasures, collect coins. Picture on screen is fully displays the movement of the legs. The task — to go straight. If something is done incorrectly, the unit is turned off. According to doctors, the gaming system allows a short time to remove muscle spasm, and establish a connection between muscle activity and brain activity. Thus, the movement of the memory.

Galina Kotchoubey, orthopedic trauma rehabilitation center for regional children's hospital: "Do kids who already have some skills away, parents report improvement in gait. Someone after classes began slowly to pace yourself."

Such a device is the only rehabilitation for children beyond the Urals. However, it cost 25 million rubles. But effective treatment for it Krasnoyarsk little can go free in the direction of a physician.

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