In Krasnoyarsk, create the setting for the most efficient ore

Krasnoyarsk company "Siberian Engineering and Technology", which recently joined the residents Krasnoyarsk regional innovation and technology business incubator (KRITBI), is engaged in developing a universal pilot plant, which allows to select modes of enrichment and metallurgical processing of ore, the most effective for each individual field.

Elena Resurrection, director of the research center, said that one of the most pressing needs of the modern mining industry is the development of new technologies for processing ores. "The rich, easy washability ore, of which quite simply extracted minerals are drying up. The world is moving on trudnoobogatimye ore for processing tailings. This requires the development of new technologies ", — said the researcher.

Even before the mine will be put into operation, it is necessary to create technology for the processing of its ores. "We need to develop the technology for each particular field, as each field has its own unique structure, which requires an individual approach to the characteristics of ore processing technology. Even close on the genesis of ore have different mineral content, different mineralogical composition, of these factors affect the choice ore processing technology — explained Elena Resurrection. — This process initially developed in the laboratory — practically tubes. The transfer of technology from the laboratory to the industrial conditions are not always successful, so you need to choose the technological regimes in semi-industrial scale. And our goal — to create a universal pilot plant for developing technologies in pilot scale to then scale the technology to production conditions. This significantly reduces the cost of investors and accelerates the commissioning of new production facilities. "

Production schedules installation has been developed by scientists. Its special feature is the flexible circuit processing chain to be able to carry out tests on all types of ores: monometallic, polymetallic, gold. It is easy to build various embodiments flowsheets and operations depending on the type of ore. "Let's say, for lead-zinc sulfide ores using the full scheme of flotation. Gold ores are processed gravity method, except this method, they can be tested for washability manganese, tin ore and fluorite. Thus, the technological scheme adapted for the enrichment of different types of ores. "

It should be noted that in 2012 the JSC "Siberian engineering and technology" has won a grant of Krasnoyarsk Regional Science Foundation to develop the technological scheme of the installation.

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