In Krasnoyarsk, established a joint venture in the field of spacecraft

A joint venture to develop and produce components of the payload for spacecraft Universum Space Technologies / UST / created in Krasnoyarsk. It was attended by the company "Information Satellite Systems them. Academician Reshetnev" / ISS / from Zheleznogorsk / Krasnoyarsk / European and Thales Alenia Space / TAS /, Itar-Tass learned at the press service of the ISS.

Controlling stake in UST will own ASC. The staff of the joint venture are the representatives of both Russian and European companies. The first production it is, according to plans, will produce in 2014.

"The joint venture marks the end of the work teams of specialists from ISS and TAS, which lasted for almost two years and is a key milestone of 20 years of cooperation in the field of spacecraft — the press-service of the IRS. — This collaboration is aimed at international integration sputnikostroitelnyh technology and the competitiveness of the joint products in the global market. " 

European TAS is one of the leaders in the creation of satellite systems. It develops innovative solutions and sets global standards in the field of telecommunications, Earth observation, defense and science. Total staff of the company in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium and the United States — 7.5 million people.

In turn, the ISS is a leading Russian company to build communications satellites, navigation, geodesy. This integrated structure of the ten Russian companies with a total staff of about 14 thousand people, and the parent company in the Krasnoyarsk region is among the five world leaders in the number of signed contracts for the production of telecommunication satellites.

For half a century of work by experts ISS created more than 1.2 thousand satellites put into operation more than 40 space systems and complexes.

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